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    Does Street Fighter Iii 3Rd Strike Run In Fba2X?

    Hi everyone, I'm stumped. Just played Shock Troopers 2nd Squadw in Fba2x for the wiz so I'm sure I'm handling rom files fine, BUT, when I try to use the game Street fighter III: 3rd strike, the cache tool says "not found!" Experimentally, I changed the file name of the street fighter zip file...
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    Glbasic Code Examples

    Hello everyone! I'm teaching myself GLbasic and thought it would be helpful to post my progress with examples so others can learn it too. For anyone that doesn't know, GLbasic is a B.A.S.I.C. based language that is used with a compiler and tools that can output applications, specifically video...
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    Renaming Files With A Gpe Or Sh Script

    hello everyone! here's my pickle...I would like to change the file names of a group of video files in my movie folder, on SD card, with a script file (hopefully a gpe file) can i do this? with the 'mv' or 'rename' commands? if so, could anyone provide an example script that works? Simply put...