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  1. pimaster

    Share your projects

    Any Magic the Gathering fans? Built a page for constructing and sharing decks without requiring an account. decky (with example cards) Wish the small amount of energy I actually found could be spent on the Pyra but they require much more thinking.
  2. pimaster

    20*C Cooler, and now with water resistance!

    cat /proc/device-tree/model Pyra-Handheld-V5.3 I'm a bit late but I thought I'd point to a command to find out what is loaded for any machine.
  3. pimaster

    First look at the new battery cover and a general update

    Received mine in June to Australia. Doubt anything has changed (although shop has changed location) I'm amused that my state is left blank.
  4. pimaster

    Christmas Update - what happened 2021 and what will happen 2022

    Merry Christmas Evil Dragon and all other board members. Whilst I felt bad complaining about the shoulder buttons in my unboxing video it's good to know there is a reason why. I'll wait to see how my later unit feels in comparison to this early unit to find out whether it is worth the upgrade...
  5. pimaster

    Minecraft on Pyra?

    You asked the same question last year with a near identical title. Nothing has really changed. Maybe box64 would help with the launching options but I'm not in a state to go down the rabbit hole.
  6. pimaster

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    According to the Weekly preorder stats page, you could be in the 1033 to 1055 range.
  7. pimaster

    Suspend to RAM

    Can't detect anything wrong with the clock after the forced off. Unless the hang on shutdown is related to the clock. Definitely think it is low level as has been discussed for a long time. Wish I was feeling well enough to look into it.
  8. pimaster

    Suspend to RAM

    Tried it with -s 20 to make sure it had heaps of time to do whatever it needed to do, nothing changed (No screen off. Wifi didn't drop this time). Remembered to look at the logs whilst I was doing this. Nothing obviously wrong. ==> kern.log <== Sep 22 09:42:38 localhost kernel: [ 101.597106]...
  9. pimaster

    Suspend to RAM

    I should have been more clear about that part. The terminal never returned (like I would expect a successfully run program). I started up Firefox to see if the system was still functional. Which it was. Wifi seemed to disconnect and reconnect again which seemed odd but I didn't think much of...
  10. pimaster

    Suspend to RAM

    sudo rtcwake -m mem -s 1 rtcwake: assuming RTC uses UTC ... rtcwake: wakeup from "mem" using /dev/rtc0 at Mon Sep 20 23:17:20 2021 Then continued to operate as normal. -edit- Upon shutdown, it behaved differently. Was complaining about a job running. Said it reached shutdown state but left they...
  11. pimaster

    New rooms, updated cases

    It does take a few weeks for ED to build the unit you order (placing the right parts in the right case). He does them by type, so he'll do Black plain, Black EU, Black US then Chrome plain, Chrome EU, Chrome US (or something like that) which means if you are at the end of the queue, the wait is...
  12. pimaster

    Pyra hanging to black screen

    I have had it happen once. I didn't think too much of it at the time. I have seen those errors in the log. I will try to pay attention in the future to see how much locks up.
  13. pimaster

    3D printable sata adapter sleeve

    Looks so good in black!
  14. pimaster

    3D printable sata adapter sleeve

    Theoretically I am happy and print and post the sleeve but I worry about the cost of postage from Australia. It's getting close to $40AUD. It doesn't make sense to pay more in postage than the device costs. Which is why I'm happy for people to print it. If you don't have access to a printer, try...
  15. pimaster

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Page 1 contains the latest number. There was a delay as ED was testing all of the boards instead of just building units to ship. We've made it to 150, so still a long way to go.
  16. pimaster

    3D printable sata adapter sleeve

    Designed this last year. Happy to finally be able to print it and make it fit snugly. Printed with a .4mm nozzle with .2mm layer heights on an UP! mini. Happy to let anyone else print it. (Had to add stl to a zip for the forum to accept it)
  17. pimaster

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    I'm not sure if I've reviving a bit of a dead thread, but I needed somewhere to put my unboxing video. I was doing ok until I forgot how to move a window around on the screen. Finally found it. Alt+Grab+Move
  18. pimaster

    Got your Pyra? Write it here for all

    Pyra Forum User : pimaster Pyra Ordering Number: PrePreOrder # 137 Pyra Model: EU 4GB LTE Pyra Color: Dark Crome Pyra Date of Arriving: 2021-06-15 (Australia)
  19. pimaster

    First information for new Pyra owners (FAQ)

    This is the sort of information that should be in the Wiki. So I've updated the Manual
  20. pimaster

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    GitLab instance has issue tracking. Not sure if it should be for everyone or just people who might be able to fix/test.