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    Gemini Linux UMPC at CES 2018

    Saw this just now. It is a UMPC that dual boots Linux and Android. There's no gaming controls built in like the pyra, It's more like a smaller gpd pocket
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    Viability of using a Pyra as a hybrid/main computer?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone plans on or if anyone thinks that using a Pyra as like a Nintendo switch for PC's would be viable or not. Having a monitor and keyboard/mouse for it at a desk but being able to unplug and have the same experience portably, forgetting about desktops and full...
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    Might I suggest a 4gb ram Pyra version be standard?

    I was looking at the pre order page and there was a option between the 2gb and 4gb ram versions of the pyra at the same price. It said that they weren't sure if they were gonna even release a 4gb ram version. I don't know if suggestions are taken but might I suggest since the pyra is running a...