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  1. Alperoot

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yup. A new Half-Life game. Kinda bummed it's VR only but HL is the one thing that would make me buy VR.
  2. Alperoot

    Hardware When to send my unit?

    My Pandora's screen is broken (here's what happened) and I want to have an emulation device/UMPC thing with me for the summer. Problem is, Pyra is too expesive for me and I don't have enough experience to fix my Pandora myself (also the screws seem to be stuck), and I know ED is busy with Pyra...
  3. Alperoot

    Just found this article in the net Had a good laugh at number 8 :) I don't think it's to be taken seriously, though.
  4. Alperoot

    Software Blindly setting up a VNC server?

    So, I've created a thread some time ago which I explained what happened to my Pandora. I can't unscrew it (screws seems to be stuck there, despite the fact that I've never tried to open the thing before)q, and I also don't have the oppurtunity to send it to ED. I don't want to be stuck with...
  5. Alperoot

    Another UMPC - Ockel Sirius A

    Ockel Sirius A: the World's Most Versatile Mini PC An ultra small PC with 6-inch touchscreen and battery for a full Windows 10 experience at any time. Is this even considered a competitor to the GPD Win? It's definitely not for Pyra... What do you guys think about it?
  6. Alperoot

    So my computer crashed... (Help would be much appreciated! ^^)

    So, hello there! Today, I was just trying to dual-boot Debian with my Windows 8.1. I was trying to shrink my drive (I needed 100 GB) and even though I had 350 GB free, it wouldn't let me down 35 GB. I tried a defrag software, but it didn't work. So I fired the Internet browser to search for...
  7. Alperoot

    Note 7 : What is Samsung trying to say?

    I mean, yeah great phone overall but they are like : Yeah, we'll give ya 4 GB of RAM And 2.5GB is for system. Have fun with the rest I mean, I have CyanogenMod installed on my brother's Note 8.0 and it gives me 1.4 GB of RAM out of 2 GB (even with all google shit installed). I don't have the...
  8. Alperoot

    Hardware Weird Screen Problem

    Sometimes I really feel like the Pandora is testing my patience. So here's one of the countless things I just encountered : It is just like EV3 Programmer software, always comes up with creative problems. So you ask how it happened? I was just playing it normally. I turned it back off and my...
  9. Alperoot

    A hard decision to make...

    Hello there! I plan to buy a new phone. My phone is a nearly-3-years-old Note 3 and it is slowly dying. Sometimes it stops charging, the touchscreen sometimes starts to make input to the places I don't touch. The battery life is pretty annoying, too. So I plan to buy an S7 Edge after Note 7...
  10. Alperoot

    GB(A) ROM Hacking on the Pandora?

    Hello there! Today, I was thinking what WIN is able to do but Pandora - Pyra isn't able to. And I realized there is nearly no tools on the repo for Gameboy (Advance) (Color) ROM hacking. (Apart from hex editors.) It really is impossible to list every Gameboy or Gameboy Advance ROM hacking tools...
  11. Alperoot

    Pokémon GO

    Your thoughts about Pokémon GO from The Pokémon Company/Niantic Labs/Nintendo?
  12. Alperoot

    Nubs not working!

    The title says everything. What happened? I wasn't using my Pandora for five days and when I tried to turn it on, it didn't. After taking off the battery and putting it back on, it did finally powered up. But this time, I had a terminal screen. (User login & password) I tried startx but nothing...
  13. Alperoot

    Retro-Gaming Question

    Just a quick question to you guys, is there a dungeon game from the 90's and the game starts with the sentence "Welcome to the Dungeon"? Thanks for your help!
  14. Alperoot

    Starbound on Pyra?

    I know you guys are exhausted from having ".... on Pyra?" threads but I have to ask it :P Would it be possbile on the 4 GB version? I guess the only impossibility would be OpenGL 2.1 compatibility. (And x86 of course)
  15. Alperoot

    Tcpdump on Pandora?

    Or macchanger? Or driftnet? Or any other Debian programs really :-( . I installed Pandian again, and the wifi got disabled again. Please, show me how to port basic arm debian apps :(
  16. Alperoot

    Hope it's the right decision...

    Hello there. In this post, I want to ask some questions to everyone. 1) Will Pyra ever be able to emulate Nintendo 3DS or Playstation 2? I know this is a bit childish but theoritically GPD Win should be able to emulate both of these. I don't know how well they will do, but they might work. 2)...
  17. Alperoot

    GPD WIN, xpPhone and Portable Computers

    Hello there! I guess we all heard of GPD WIN, the new palmtop computer that Gamepark Holdings recently announced. It looks much like a Nintendo 3DS, and it has an x86 processor (unfortunately, it runs Windows 10). Specifications (vcolerio1 from the thread "GPD is going to release an x86...
  18. Alperoot

    Kali Linux Android on Pandora (Help)

    Hello everyone. Recently I tried to run a custom version of Kali Linux on the Pandora using the .sh command attached but as I don't know too much about .sh scripts, I wasn't successful. The image that the .sh file wants is referred as "Kali Linux" on Galaxy Note 3. Your helps are much...
  19. Alperoot

    PanDebian Issues

    Hello everyone. I am trying to install PanDebian and fix my Pandian sd card for about 3 months and no success. Rather than talking, I will post here some pictures. First image is the result when I try to install Debian Wheezy Chroot. I think we already know it is a bit problematic...
  20. Alperoot

    Lego Mindstorms EV3 on the Pandora?

    Well, I researched but found nothing except leJOS. According to people, there is no way that you can install this on Linux. But, as Pandora boards, we (or you?) achieved a lot. Is this really possible?