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    Faster And Better Emulators?

    Well the gph market has always been a niche market that sustained itselve. On the one hand you had developpers intrested in developping games and such for handhelds and on the other hand people that are intrested in such games / software. Problem in this situation is if the devs are gone or...
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    Faster And Better Emulators?

    People just expect too much for nothing, most of the devs do this in their spare time for free because they like doing such things. The problem is certain homebrew and especially emulators need a lot of work and if you spend so much time and get ridiculous comments or questions dev's just don't...
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    Turn Off Screen / Disable Backlight ?

    I'm not certain but i messed around with the dingoo for some time and there was a certain file i could changed there to edit backlight intensity. i can't remember if it was in /dev or in /proc maybe the caanoo has something similar ? (although it would have probably needed to be programmed in by...
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    just so you know musicroom has no export or save function, you'll have to record it yourselve by recording the playback channel using some recording program (so make sure no other sound is being played in the mean time). thats how most people that used it do it since there's no other option
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    for sound use SFXR : for music use musicroom : don't worry about the installer displaying chinese characters for the "\" backslash, just type in de path and press enter if musicroom crashes download this...
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    there exists an sdl version as well, didn't check it out just thought i'd mention it, it probably will be easier to port the sdl version ? although i'm not going to try
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    Can The Caanoo Emulate The Nintendo Ds?

    even a 286 can emulate the nintendo ds but there's no point in making a version for it since it will run to slow, so your question should be if the caanoo can handle it full speed. since everyone knows the 286 won't be able to run it full speed the same goes for caanoo emulating the ds. besides...
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    Game & Watch Emu

    if you make it and upload to imageshack or something similar i can probably do the release tonight, only have to make the ini file then, i believe it already had the smaller image for the explorer icon on the default menu, but if you want you can make such icon as well and i use that one. The...
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    Game & Watch Emu

    i already ported hitnruns game & watch simulator (based on madrigals) but i did not release it yet. Emulator don't really exist for game & watch simulators do. If someone feels like doing a menu bar for it i can release it since that's the only thing it's missing and i don't like creating those...
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    How To Do / Make The Transition From 2D To 3D Game Programming

    i'll change the sig to reflect the changes. All games are on my "official" website though but i haven't done much on the caanoo, did a few things on the dingoo but most was on the gp2x caanoo wise there is a port of dynamate partial port (it's semi self written, only game...
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    How To Do / Make The Transition From 2D To 3D Game Programming

    I've made a whole bunch of 2d games myselve from scratch most of them were puzzlers or board games like checkers where i used minmax for the theory. Now 2d programming is rather straightforward. It's been years since i last did a complete game from scratch since noone seems to care much for...
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    if you need it you can get the fbgrab deamon i did a while back you can then take screenshots using the caanoo without telnet and a button combination on the caanoo
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    Really Nice Accelerimeter Game

    It are those maze games like the wooden real life equivalent. The accellerometer just modifies the height of the table in one or two of the four borders making the marble roll in a certain direction, you have to avoid gaps where the ball can fall into. There is no equivalent to port it to caanoo...
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    $100 Bounty For Hybrid Html Viewer!

    I'm not certain if anyone is willing to spend time on this, it's also not really a project specific to caanoo / wiz or any other console it could be used on any system which makes intresting. But i do not think people are willing to create a parser for all of this and let it work all together...
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    Sms_Sdl For Caanoo (By Joyrider) With Picklelauncher (By Pickle)

    don't know what's wrong with drsms, but my sms_sdl port is basically plain sms_sdl with a menu frontend put on top of it and a few scaling functions. I don't think i adopted anything emulation related or tried to add speed ups. I'm also not certain if i ever released the version with the...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo And Gstreamer

    i think ld_library_path has ./ as in it so just place it in the same directory as your executable when using the libs. Otherwise you could always add a gpe script to launch your executable change the ld_library_path and then set it back afterwards to the original not that its needed to do that...
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    Frontend Launcher For Prboom

    PickleLauncher can probably do that for you. I used it for sms_sdl and pickle himselve uses it for various ports, as long as the prboom port support command line parameters it will work. You'll probably need to find a project that uses it cause i think there's no binary releases only source or...
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    I Bricked My Caanoo

    I would not say it is bricked, the bootloader probably does not detect your sd card, this could be due to the way its formatted. I had similar issues with some of my sd cards, eventually i took the sd card from my gp2x because i remember that one worked for upgrading my gp2x, it was the only...
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    Create Bgm Music Easily

    just found this on the sdl projects page: music room It's called music room and without knowing anything about music you can easily create background music tunes in the snes games style. the installer is in japanese, so don't worry that a...
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    Wonderswan Emulator

    i could not find the source code, and one of the wonderswan emulators for wiz also had no sound.