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  1. Reyhn

    Still working on pre orders ?

    Hello, I ordered my Pandora back in april 2009, by taking someone's cancelled preorder. I've once been told by Jacquelyn that I was 11xx or so in the queue, but it's been a long time since with no news. She told me by email some days ago that you were runing all the production in Germany, so...
  2. Reyhn

    Pandora SFML on pandora ?

    Hi, I'm wondering if a port of SFML to the pandora would be possible ? SFML is a really good multimedia library (video, audio, network ...) designed for creating video games. It is open source and multiplatform (linux, windows and mac), and it uses OpenGL. I'm not much into OpenGL but the...
  3. Reyhn

    Chromium Random Crashes

    Hi, i'd really like to use chromium as my main web browser on my pandora, but the fact is that it crashes really often, after running for a short time. The page become unresponsive, i cannot click a link, move the scrollbars or whatever. Moreover, the chromium processus continues to run even if...
  4. Reyhn

    Translation Services

    Hi, I thought it would be cool to have as much multi-language games, emu etc as possible, because that's openness too :) So why not have a translation requests thread where people can put their texts, dialogs etc and ask for a foreign language ? I just finished my exams and now have plenty of...