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    Remnants of the Precursors (Master of Orion 1 remake)

    A group of fans of the original Master of Orion game made a free version that runs on any computer system that has Java on it. Check it out. The game mechanics are very similar to the original game, but they are also different. I lost my...
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    SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC card

    SanDisk is reportedly selling a 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card with 100 MB/second speed for $250.
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    Burning Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell Phones

    I suspect that some of the Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phones are igniting because the LiPo batteries are expanding and being punctured and short-circuited by pointy soldering points or board edges. The same problem will probably not happen to Pandora and Pyra computers, because there are multiple...
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    Apple 2 Watch with GPS

    If the following prediction is correct: then buyers of the Apple 2 watch might be paying for the privilege of having their location tracked at all times while wearing the watch and having their...
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    Scientists create microscopic Pac Man maze
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    Softbank to acquire ARM
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    Pyra maximum resolution on external monitor

    What is the maximum resolution that can be used on an external monitor that is connected to a Pyra? The Pyra could be used as a desktop computer replacement if it supports 1920x1080 pixel resolution on an external monitor.
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    Intel abandons future Atom line of processors

    It looks like choosing an ARM processor for the Pyra was a good choice.
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    Tezzaron 3D Stacked Processor / Memory

    There is a company in the United States named Tezzaron which makes extremely high-bandwidth memory which runs with low power by stacking chips in three dimensions along with processors.  Perhaps in the future, the Pyra processor board can get an upgrade with Tezzaron technology...
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    Embedded laser projector

    Recent advances in the miniaturization of green laser diodes from companies such as OSRAM have made possible miniature laser projection systems from a company named MicroVision.  I have used a SHOWWX laser projector from MicroVision to project games like Tempest on the living room wall.  It's...
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    Processor Companion with Alarm Function to wake up Main Computer

    I have been looking for a replacement for my HP 200LX palmtop computer.  Although the HP 200LX is not fast by modern standards, the HP 200LX can sleep for a month on a pair of AA batteries and then wake itself up to sound an appointment alarm or execute a program at a designated date and time. ...