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    Nintendo Patents Handheld Emulation Software

    My mate told me about this, Nintendo have won a patent which allows them to protect ALL handheld emulator software. This means anything from Atari Lynx to GBA. Theyre serious about it too, theyre going after individual emualtors. Is this the end for the GP32...
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    Dixons Offering 128mb Smart Media @ £19.99

    Dixons are offering 128mb smartmedia cards at the price of £19.99 :o Although the make is called SST who i have never heared of but hey, its a Smart Media Card Right :P Here : I'll be buyin 2 of those :lol:
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    Pc Emulator?

    'Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms' I found this program and thought it looked pretty good, its open source and located on sourceforge. Would it be possible to port it onto the GP32? Bochs Emulates A PC, Basically...
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    Gamepark Get Ready For Euro Launch?

    I did a search on google looking at the possibility of connecting to the net using a GP32 and this came up, It shows some new detailed cartoony diagrams and some explanation of some features I never knew it had. It also shows some details on Internet Access using the GP32, i dunno weather this...
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    Possible To Get The Cd Alone?

    Well, unfortunately due to GBAX being sold out of GP32's im going to have to get my GP32 from liksang (which seems cheaper :o) My 14th birthday is on the 3rd of may so i cant wait untill restock or euroupean release. The trouble is the thing I was looking forward to from ordering from GBAX is...
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    Grand Theft Auto

    Grand theft auto was recently put up for Free download over at rockstar classics : I would like to know if its possible to Port this onto the GP32, although its not freeware and cannot be ported without rockstars concent, a close mate of mine owns a GTA...
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    Help With Purchacing.

    First of all i would like to thank everyone for replying to my questions topic (even if it did go off-topic). Okay I have decided to purchace the GP32 after all, it looks cool and i dont care what my mate says, all you guys say its great so... Anyways i have another set of questions :P to do...
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    Psx Emulator?

    The PSX is a 32-bit console, so there would be no problem porting an emulator to work on a GP32 right? I would love to see a PSX emulator for the GP32, and be able to play games such as metal gear solid and final fantasy VII it would just rock. Anybody workin on one?
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    Few Questions I Need Answers Too

    Okay guys, im new to the GP32, it was reccomended to me by someone and i may concider buying it for my birthday. The only problem is I have a few questions about it which i would like to know the answers to before even concidering the purchace what seems to be a wounder-handheld.. 1. Can the...