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    How To Fix Flu Light?

    Anyone have an idea how to get my flu's light to work again... It will not turn on when I press the light switch. and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to fix it?
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    Heres the link from the topic i found out about it in, which contain a link to the actual post made by the devs... :lol: Hey man, if Franxis is working on it, I'm sure it'll be quality.. Unless its not the same Franxis from here... But i...
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    I Got A Gba...

    So Yeah, Although I have a gp32 I have recently had slight craving for some more recent portable gaming. So when I was at gamestop yesterday, so Little kid was trying to dell his gba. But gamestop wouldnt buy it from him because of some BS about the screen being cracked. I went over to him and...
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    Stupid Sister....

    Man, my sister came by at 10 Pm (About six hours ago) and asked me if i wanted to watch her 1.5 year old son. I said yeah because i like money. So she said that she'd be back at 2 am to pick him up.... BUT IT IS 4:00 AM RIGHT NOW... She better pay me more money... I'm tired...WHERE is she?
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    Have You Ever Drawn Maps For Games?

    I know im not nearly as retro as many people here... I grew up in the 16 bit era.. with the ocasional bit of play the Nes at my aunts.. so i never really drew my maps for games... and i didnt play rpgs... and there wasnt anything to map out for sonic... :rolleyes: But I think it would be quite...
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    Panzer Dragoon Esque Game...

    I'm think about making a panzer dragoon type of game. But with a top-down view... The shoulder buttons making your dragon turn 90 degrees... You'd have your gun to shoot with, and the dragons homing lasers... Not sure how I'd do this in fenix, but it doesnt seem terribly complicated gameplay...
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    So, I Got A C64...

    Yeah, I got a c64 at a garage sale today for $10.... But I'm an idiot and dont know how to use it, anybody want to help?... :) :unsure:
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    Game Hunting!

    Man, looking around town for old games sure is fun. Just today I hit up most of the pawn shops in my area and got a decent bounty! :D I got: Contra (Nes) Castlevania (Nes) Super Mario Bros 3 (Nes) Metal Gear (Nes) Primal Rage (Genesis) Samurai showdown (Genesis) Monopoly (With box!) (Genesis)...
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    One More Smashgp Character.. Samurai Jack

    One more character for smashgp Samurai jack... In This topic Now I'm all out of character ideas.... :(
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    Two More Smashgp Characters...

    Yeah, i made two more characters for smashgp... From megaman: Rockman V.1 (Megaman) Forte V.1 (Bass) In This topic :D I swear I'm done making characters... For today... :lol:
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    More Smash Gp Characters...

    Yeah, I made some more SmashGp characters.... Guile V.1 (From Street fighter) Chun Li V.1 (From Street fighter) Ken V.1 (From Street fighter) Harpuia V.1 (A boss from Megaman Zero) They are in This Topic ... :) Btw you can expect more.... probably tomorrow... :D (Or today)
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    Triple Triad....

    Triple Triad is a minigame in the video game Final Fantasy 8. It's a card game that's played on a 3x3 board. Each player has 5 cards, and they alternate turns putting down cards, "taking" the other person's cards when the rules dictate. (When the value on the sides of you and your opponents...
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    New Smashgp Character...

    Its the weekend so I've made another character.. Zero V.0.1 (Megaman Zero Style) In the end of This Topic :D
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    Even More New Smashgp Characters!

    I released two new characters: RetroLink V.1 (Classic 8bit link) and Moryia (From The last Blade) They are at the end of This Topic :ph34r: .. *Woosh!*
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    I Have Discovered....

    Seriously This Site is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen. :huh: :blink: :blink: :blink: Agree? :) Disagree? :( Flame me for making this topic? :( (I hope not the last one)
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    Is Reliable???

    iwas just wondering if gp32z can be trusted, my A button membrane has worn out and now it sticks. :( Even if i decide to order button membranes from gbax, i wouldnt want to open my gp32_console and risk accidentaly destroying it... I live in the US so gp32z would be convienient, but i dont want...
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    Where Could I Download More Characters For Kof91?

    i was wonder if anyone knows of any site because id like some more... thanks in advance....
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    Expanding My Horizons And Filling My Smc

    though i dont really know anything about pcengine, i would like to experience some of its games. please help me and tell me some good ones. :)
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    Does Anyone Know...

    because im hearing that the capatibility changed quite a from before the public beta of fgen, i was wondering if anyone could give me a link to an earlier beta? According to the outdated list i saw for fgen capatibility shiningforce 2 worked, to some extent. i would very much like to play it.. :)
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    Drivers Not Installing Error. Help!!!

    I just got my gp32 today, and downloaded the drivers. when i tried to install them the computer told me that there was an error installing the drivers.. help!!! me please!!!!