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    Dingux-Atari: Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator For Dingux V1.1.0

    Superb! Defender plays just like I remember it. Gonna try some of the old classics.
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    Mame4All Dingoo V1.1

    Ahh thanks for clearing that up. I know you can use the "L" button as an alternative but being right handed the select button works better for me. Infact I prefer the positive clicky nature of it. The rotate mode was one of the factors in my purchase of the Dingoo. Games that use this mode...
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    Mame4All Dingoo V1.1

    I'm trying to reconfigure the button layout for games that require rotate mode, Bombjack, Galaga etc. Using the select+y combo I choose the Input(this game) option from the menu to reconfigure the button layout. When trying to remap the dingoo "A" (button 1) to "select" it doesn't response. Has...