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    What's Up Nowadays?

    Well, it's been awhile since I came here for the last time. Maybe some people still know me, the kid that begged everybody who can code to make a Kururin-remake for the GP32. In the meantime, I sold my GP32 and bought a Nintendo DS Lite (I had to play New Super Mario Bros. :)). What are the...
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    How Much Is This Worth?

    I wanna sell my GP32 FLU with 128MB SMC and (GBA-)carrycase, but I don't know how much I can get for this package. I don't got any boxes or manuals anymore :(. Can anybody tell me the approx. price I can sell this?
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    GP32 How About A Kuru Kuru Kururin Gp32 Version?

    First off all, I dont know anything about coding. Second of all, this was just an idea I thought about when my train was delayed (Netherlands sux in Public Transport) How much is the chance that somekind of Kuru Kuru Kururin (one of my favorite games on the GBA) remake is possible for the GP32...
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    Snes Library-thing

    Google wont work with me, and the search function either. Where can i download that SNES library thing ? You also got it for Genesis, but i need it for snes. Tnx... The library gives info about almost every SNES game, inclusive a screenshot and stuff.
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    Too Big Movie File

    I just ripped Spirited Away from a DVD, so i can watch it on my GP32. I have tried it 4 times, but every time i get a moviefile from about 130-140 MB. That won't fit my GP32, so i need help :) I used Convert To 14 FPS and took 128 Kbps. I also took the filter 320x176, but with that size, the...
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    Can Somebody Please Encode Something For Me ?

    I'm a great fan of Zelda and the new E3 trailer is so cool, i wanted it on my GP32 with GPCinema. Now i have read every guide, but still it wont work out for me. I tried everything, but it wont work. Can somebody please encode it for me ? Here you can download the movies...
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    Where Can I Find Iv.fxe The Imageviewer ?

    I dont know where it was from, but i thought this was the best imageviewer. My SMC crashed and now i lost it. Where can i find the imageviewer with the filename iv.fxe ? I searched everywhere and cant find it...........
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    Frontlite Won't Work Anymore, Need Help

    I was checking my GP32 yesterday and my frontlite was stopped. I dont know what to do and if it can be solved without sending it back, any tips/tricks ? -Batteries are fresh