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    Sound Issues On Replacement Pandora

    OK got my replacement Pandora back and LCD screen is working fine, however the sound isn't :( I've applied hotfix 4 which hasn't helped. Basically when playing anything that requires sound i can hear the background sounds fine but the main sound there's nothing. IE in sonic 3 i get background...
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    Pandora Screen Broken Or Just A Loose Connection?

    Hi guys Slightly worse problem with my Pandora than the last thread, today i opened the lid up like always and suddenly when it's open all the way the screen gets a blue tint to it. Close the lid slightly (so not open as far back as it'll go) and it'll get the normal colours back again. The...
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    New User Needs Help

    Hello there people of gp32x, new user to the forum but i've been lurking/waiting to get my hands on a Pandora for a while and today thanks to ebay i finally managed to! A couple of quick questions i have (for now, more will be here very shortly i promise!) 1. With this being second hand and...