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    GPD WIN 2

    Nevermind, I screwed it. I forgot about that PD stuff. Works fine now with the original charger. Must have used the wrong one before. Well, since I also own a GPD Win 1 and a GPD Pocket as well this can happen I guess. Thanks for your help and have a nice Weekend all of u.
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    GPD WIN 2

    Hi, I'm having issues with charging my new GPD Win 2. When I plug in the Cable the red LED flashes once, but only once, and Windows reports it would run on power from a socket WITHOUT charging the battery. I already deleted the battery Driver in order to have it reinstalled, but the Problem is...
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    What have you bought recently?

    Needed a new Notebook after almost seven years :cool: Preordered at ED's shop :cool: For some remote Linux programming and running my own GitLab-Server (CE) :cool:
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    GPD WIN 2

    I couldn't find any hint on how to place a prereservation today. Do you still plan to start those today? Really looking forward to a new toy already :-)
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    Let's move the moulds!

    Well, I barely turn on my Pandora since I have my GPD Win, which is about one year now. For emulation I use the Retroarch Cores, which already gives you a common interface for configuring your input. As GUI I use Emulation Station. Setting these will not take too much time and it is worth the...
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    Gamescom 2017

    Well, it's not too bad, but concerning the air outlet I have to agree. It is hardly possible to hold the device (like a Handheld) without covering the outlet which again leads to increasing heat. If it just were a matter of design they should have put USB-C on the other side (so you can connect...
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    GPD Pocket

    Wow, thx. Didn't know about that one.
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    GPD Pocket

    Got mine too since friday. Well, rather since last monday, but I've been on vacation until friday :) My first impressions was, that it is bigger than I expected - but that's good as I want to develop on it on the go. I like the case, the keyboard and the screen. I started installing stuff today...
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    New Atari Console Coming (Ataribox)?

    I wonder if it will offer/support Jaguar games. That would be awesome.
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    GPD Pocket ready for preorder :)

    Ok, just preordered! It's summer break here soon and I need a new toy :-) Hope it helps ED to some degree
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    News from the meeting at GC

    Hi ED, I do not post that frequently here but your post scared me quite a lot. Such a schedule is nothing to be proud of really, you should definately take more selfcare. Please let me make sure that no one here wants you to suffer a stroke in the near future. Take your time and make sure you...
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    Post your pictures!

    Lol, I wonder what a heatmap of my GPD Win would look like...
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    Memory leak in this C code

    I guess your allocation/deallocation happens in Attachement_SHM/Detachement_SHM. What exactly do these do? I must admit, I am way more into C++ than C and maybe this is why I cannot understand why your function Fils_Reservation calls exit(0), which I thought, would terminate your application...
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    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    Hi ED, I received a message yesterday that my GPD Win is on the way and that I should receive a further message including a UPS (in my case) tracking number later the same day. Do I have to be worried not having received a tracking number as of yet? Thx
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    Who's waiting for GPD Win to arrive?

    I preordered mine at Hopefully ED will get them pretty soon..
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    Gamescom, sensor upgrade and other nice news

    No big reason? But you read my list above didn't you? Btw. Oblivion would be the most important game for me. I'll repeat I'm going for both, Pyra and GPD Win. I'm not bashing the Pyra in any way, but for the last two centuries there have been plenty of great games for windows or at least...
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    Gamescom, sensor upgrade and other nice news

    Hi ED, I'm going for both the Pyra and the GPD Win. Currently I'm very excited about the latter since the Pyra seems a little further away and I'm quite sure about what I can expect from it. I watched some Videos running games on the GPD Win which really made hope for the following games to run...
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    GPD Win ready for preorder!

    I preordered one. Who's responsible for that other preorder? :)
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    The Retro/Vintage Electronic-Toy Thread

    Among other cool stuff I had these. Too bad I sold them when I grew older I also had many of these lcd games. One of my favourites was this one:
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    Latest Emulators

    Back in the old days of the original Xbox I remember a great Emu called Ultra64, which emulated both KI titles perfectly. I've never again heared of this emu though, I don't know which platforms it was ported to nor what happened to it in the end. Me too I'd love to play the KI titles on my...