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    Details Regarding The Xgp 2d/3d Accelerator

    incidently, from what I understand, the PowerVR technology used in portable devices is essentially the dreamcast GPU on a smaller chipset.
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    Designing The Gp2x's Successor - Hardware Selection Poll

    The AMD Geode platform has one significant thing going for it: The OLPC. It'll have a huuuge coding scene and porting to another linux system would be trivial . I've not actually seen a product which uses it yet but I've read reports the model in the OLPC will have the performance of a 800mhz P4...
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    Still talking about potentially doubling or tripling the current (as well as around a 20% increase in voltage). The 920T core is only 11mmsq, it doesn't take a huge amount of energy to heat it up.
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    I'm pretty sure that when overclocking to an extreme that the power drain goes up in an exponential manner due to the increased resistance the heat creates. The more you overclock the bigger the increased in power consumption is per extra mhz, overclocking at this scale would cause dramatic...
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    Hardware Mods And Utilities

    My GP2X is modded with a battery comprised of three ipod 3g batteries. It's got two contacts on the battery itself where I clip the charger to. It gets roughly 2times the battery life I had before with 2500mah batteries
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    How To Build Your Own (8 Way) D-pad...

    There's a big difference between critisism (which should be constructive anyway) and what can be deemed as liable... seriously, stop with the personal insults people! How about all the aggressively negative people try going about one of the principles of OSS; "if you don't like it, make...
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    D-pad, With Diagonals - Working!

    god what's with the heavily negative attitude and pointless flaming? This is supposed to be a friendly community. It's natural that bacteria wants to promote his solution and it does have distinct advantages over Radeks design. 1: much simpler installation which doesn't require case...
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    gotta love the way everyone talks about Firefox as being godly yet always forget to mention the memory leaks... fixing the problem isn't exactly hard. The iframe is almost certainly hard coded in the html just search the folder for the offending url and delete it. Then sort out the security, if...
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    Coding Compo

    is that a port of geometry wars?
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    Video Not Working After Firmware Update.

    you need to ensure that the firmware has been patched then patch the movie player. if you do one and not the other it leads to messed up video playback. Someone on here had a patcher to revert the movie player back to an old version which should fix the problem until you figure out why the...
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    Gp2psx V0.35

    was cotton on the ps1 the 3d one or was that for the DC?
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    Battery Mod

    The DS is a system designed for low power consumption. It's got efficient, low clockspeed processors and good quality low power screens. It's interesting to note the DS Lite actually has even better battery life (and brighter screens) For a clip on battery pack, some method of charging the...
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    Lik-sang.. Bad Real "second Edition"

    vaguely on topic but I've noticed that the GP2X seems to pop up now for the 'anime' keyword on adsense...
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    Gp2psx V0.35

    parappa the rapper IIRC has major issues with music sync in most of the major emulators on all systems (although I believe there are some hacks that fix it).
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    Gp2psx V0.35

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while now... How do you get the frame rate to stay permanently on display? It only displays for a couple of seconds when I press the volume buttons then dissapears.
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    All The Rechargeables You Could Ever Want

    the default PSP battery is 1800mah @ 3.7V. i believe You can get (larger) extended batteries that are 3600 but you're going into external battery territory there
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    Ps1 Games Worth Playing!

    Best PS1 games (in general, not ones Emulated on the the GP2X) Lunar Silver Star Story Lunar Eternal Blue Final Fantasy Series Final Fantasy Tactics Chrono Cross Gran turismo series Ridge Racer Series Castlevania SOTN Sihloette mirage Super Puzzle fighter 2 turbo Vagrant Story Tales of Destiny...
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    Gp2psx V0.34

    Azure dreams gets a 30-40% speed increase in reported frames. 12fps in movies and in the opening 3d scene.
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    All The Rechargeables You Could Ever Want

    batteries have to be 50mm x 30mm*15mm approximately to fit and even then for square batteries you're going to have to cut out the case. 4g ipod batteries are about as long and wide as you can possibly get inside the battery cover (but you do need to do extensive cutting) and three of them in...
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    1gb Sd Card Ruined

    I had this recently happen with my card reader. It was working fine, I was copying a large file then I suddenly got an error and the card couldn't be read by every device I tried it in. This kind of failure seems to be common early on with cheap cards, just send it back to where you bought it...