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    Ps3 And Flash

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a specific button mapping for the Sixaxis controller for Flash... That's all :) TY
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    Well It's Been Some Time!

    Yes, ePSXe runs every game I've played right running Win7. The thing is, you really got to have your plugins right for ePSXe. You can find them using google ofcourse. I really recommend you get yourself the biggest package with the most plugins available.
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    2Nd Line On (Eu) Phones

    Hey all! At the moment, I'm switching between internet providers within the Netherlands. If anyone tries to do this in the future.. let it do for you, because it's hell en expensive because of the amounts of calls you have to make. Anyways, my new providers provides their signal on the second...
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    Android: Mytouch/htc Magic/g2

    As long as you can laugh, be my guest ;)
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    Android: Mytouch/htc Magic/g2

    Don't be so silly :rolleyes: I just THOUGHT somebody here has the same problem or knew how to fix this. Since I knew alot about other systems while I was fully active on this forum. So f*ck me for asking a question ;) And yes, I tried android forums, but they all point at hard-reset or...
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    Android: Mytouch/htc Magic/g2

    Hi all! I recently got a HTC Magic. For some reason the accelerometers stopped working after goofing arround with it.. Does anyone know how to fix this? I read this is probably software related, but I don't want to do a master reset since I kinda hooked to a game on it called Robo Defense and...
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    I Hate Ebay

    Not only eBay.. In Holland we've got, same shit happened to me when I wanted to buy a Dreamcast. I paid, he didn't send anything. The company doesn't do anything accept that they tell you to go to the police. And the police says Marktplaats will do the job.. Really frustrating how...
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    Faxing Without A Telephone Line..

    Hi all! Just bought a EPSON SX600FW all in one printer/scanner/fax and I was asking myself.. Is it possible to use the FAX without having a telephone line, by ADSL? If yes, how? Thanks!!
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    A Console Made In The Year I Was Born

    1988, would be NES for me I think..
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    Seven Kingdoms Aa - Spr-Res Editor

    Hi guys! I've been looking everywhere on the internet for a working .SPR editor for Seven Kingdoms : Ancient Adversaries. Since the source has been released now, I think it would be nice if the game was updated with some new graphics. Perhaps some kind of Advanced Wars style.. I would like to...
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    Photoshop Problem

    Thanks man! :D Didn't remind how to fix it hahaha. Thanks again!
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    Caught My Dad With My Gf, What Should I Do?

    Hahaha, hilarious man ;) I was like; who the f*ck is so pathetic to post that kinda stuff upon the internet? :P
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    Photoshop Problem

    Hi all! I'm an advanced photoshop user, but I thinks I pressed a wrong key-combo.. Everytime I try to make a new shape, PS makes it pixels straigt away.. And when I do this, photoshop doesn't create a new layer, but instead just adds these pixels into the same layer. Anyone familair with this...
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    Cs:s Widescreen Problem..

    Thanks Shiffty ;) Didn't come of that hahaha :)
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    Cs:s Widescreen Problem..

    Hi guys! Just wanted to test if my laptop could handle CS:S and it does.. Even much better than expected! BUT.. I have an Samsung SyncMaster 2492hs (1920x1080 FullHD) Which is nice, but CS:S doesn't run smooth enough. It is playable, but it's not at the same time. Even though I set the other...
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    Flashlite Games

    Hi all, It has been quite a while since I've been here. But recently I bought a Nokia N95 8GB and was looking for the capabilities of this sweet little device. Now I stumbled on FlashLite and I was thinking I CAN create games in Flash, but before I'm going to waste an enormous amount of time I...
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    Jxd 301

    I think I should get one for free
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    Just Got A Gb Micro

    I bought THPS: Underground a couple of days ago, but damn... this game is great. Haven't enjoyed a game this much lately. The durability is also great. I almost completed the story mode, so I checked out what the arcade mode was and it's just like I play the old PSX version. Just highscores...
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    Just Got A Gb Micro

    I really can't wait to play Harvest Moon. I loved the game a couple of years ago, but the game was a rental and I didn't succeed in burning it. Everytime my PSX was off (had that version) I didn't bother playing it, but I knew if I turned the system on. I couldn't stop :rolleyes: And I also...
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    Just Got A Gb Micro

    Look, that's a reply that is usefull to me ;) Thanks! QUOTE Ive got a micro but i had forgotten about it. I have a supercard for my ds wich works on the micro to and i think i have an old ezflash thingy. I think the micro is a bit too small cant really hold it properly. I have played on it...