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    Problematic center in preorder notice header

    The preorder notice contains a stray center tag. I've added a hack to dillo, so it is no longer confused, but - considering that center is old and obsolete - it is probably a good idea to nuke it.
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    Quoting no longer (easily) possible without Javascript

    On the Pandora I mainly use Dillo, simply because it is much faster than other choices. One of the reasons for it's speed obviously is that it doesn't implement Javascript at all. Nonetheless it did work quite well with the previous version of the board software. After some tweaking of the user...
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    News for Linux on GOG
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    Proposal: recovery menu for minimenu (aka breaking the crash loop)

    If you like skeezix's minimenu (and even if you don't), you possibly already experienced minimenu crashing in an endless loop on startup. Besides trying to fix the crash bugs (four patches for last selected app and category mapping related crashes are contained in the attached zip), I have...
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    /bin/sh is setuid

    I just ran into a problem (called scripts losing LD_LIBRARY_PATH, similar to and tracked it down to /bin/sh being suid because /bin/busybox is suid. I've worked around that by copying busybox to...
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    Request for discussion: describe bundled components in the PXML

    I'd like to propose a minimal change to libpnd. I think the change itself is fully within the current specification, but my use case may not be the intended target. For various reasons (most importantly having worked with a - I...