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  1. foft

    68K hybrid emulation

    Hello! Its a long time since I've been on the Pandora forums! Back in the day I ported the atari800 emulator and gemrb and stuff. Anyway I'm now mostly playing with FPGAs. I recently tried to add Amiga hybrid emulation to the MiSTer. This is when we use the FPGA for the main system hardware...
  2. foft

    Toddler Pandora addiction!

    Has anyone run into Toddler pandora addiction problems?! My 2 1/2 year son discovered it and started drawing squares on the screen with the stylus. He had such a meltdown when I took it away since I couldn't supervise him with it! 'Want the Pandora, Want the Pandora, Pandora', for about an...
  3. foft

    Anyone into cars as well? Pandora dashboard?

    One of the guys I used to work with left his full time job to create a programmable car plugin (see link)... I'm impressed at anyone brave enough to go out and build their own hardware. I'm just a wage slave who sits coding C++ all day... for now:-) He is very thorough so I think the device will...
  4. foft

    More FPGA spam - dual Arm V9 and Cyclone V

    Just saw that Terasic have released the Sockit board based on Altera's Cyclone V with embedded Arm V9. They are soooo awesome, would love a Pandora 2 with one of these. Shame its not going to happen - very expensive and I guess take too much power. But still would be awesome...
  5. foft

    iPhone emulation scene - dead?

    I was hoping to play some emulators on my iphone once the icp2 is out. Eg genesis4iphone, gb4iphone. I just tried them on my iphone 5 and the sound is terrible on them! Are there any workarounds? I expected the ios emulation scene to be bigger than the Pandora scene given their popularity... The...
  6. foft

    Release Gemrb 0.8

    I've uploaded gemrb 0.8 to the repo. Please give it a try and let me know how it runs. Btw I thought the repo auto posted updates here, as mentioned in the sticky. Is it disabled?
  7. foft

    Gamma settings for brightness and contrast

    I'd like to use the gamma settings for in-game brightness/contrast. Currently the op app for setting gamma only has a gui mode. So I'm wondering: i) Is there a way of setting gamma from userspace without that app? ii) Is there any potential for damaging the LCD with bad gamma settings...
  8. foft

    Pandora 1GHz +wooden box - ebay link

    Just a heads up that I'm selling a Pandora on Details on the listing.
  9. foft

    Is anyone making/selling TV out cables?

    I'd quite like to test TV out with things I've ported. Is anyone making/selling these or the ext breakout boards in Europe? Or is there any progress on them since the August update? I remember some threads about this, but I can't search for them since tv and out are less than 4 letters and "tv...
  10. foft

    Keyboard issue following 1GHz upgrade

    Hi ED, Following getting a 1GHz upgrade my Pandora has a keyboard issue as described at: Short version: Looks like two of the lines are shorted. I raised an RMA request on your shop (24th Sept) and...
  11. foft

    Cross-connected keys on new board

    Just got the main board in my Pandora replaced. The replacement has some keyboard issues. If I press '4' then '4' and '8' appear. Similarly there are other pairs of keys that duplicate it other - such as 'r' and 'i'. Is this likely something simple like misaligned key mat or more likely a...
  12. foft

    Upgrading slightly faulty unit

    I'd like to upgrade my CC unit. It has a dodgy hold/power switch, the mic fell off and the plastics are worn: Can I just order: (...
  13. foft

    Release GemRB 0.71 released

    Here is a pnd for gemrb 0.7.1: Features beyond simple compile: i) Brightness boosted (I found brightness controls not working - its currently just locked...) ii) Touchscreen position when scrolling off edge. i.e. not alot...
  14. foft

    Pandora hold button intermittent + silver cylinder

    My old CC Pandora has developed a fault. It seems to be going very slow/becomes unresponsive intermittently. I ran the keyboard test and found that hold appears to trigger randomly at times + sometimes other keys seem stuck. I took it apart to have a look and found a loose cylindrical...
  15. foft

    Benchmark results - pandora first edition 256MB vs 1GHz

    I'm going to put some benchmark results here running at: 600MHz on old Pandora vs 1000MHz on 1GHz Pandora... i.e. 'default' speeds. Using cpuburn I found that while my 1GHz model is unstable at 1200MHz - it appears to be stable at 1150MHz though so far First up - lmbench...
  16. foft

    Release Yet another Atari800 port

    I've ported over my gp2x port of my gp32 port of the atari800 emulator! Its available on my website at: Install the pnd as usual then put the atr/xfd/xex files etc under appdata/atari800/disk. Let me know how you get on... Mark
  17. foft

    Suppress keyboard from running commands in terminal!

    I noticed that when I run the program I'm developing from pnd_run after I quit it runs anything I've typed in the terminal. In the app I poll the keys using EVIOCGKEY on evdev. Anyway if I happen to type ls+enter its not bad, but if I happen to type 'rm -rf /' then its not good! I want to...
  18. foft

    Pandora pnd utmp appdata and pnd

    I'm a little stuck with a pnd issue and drowning in too much information. pnd is 3 chars - too short to search for! I'd really appreciate it if someone could help clarify how this is meant to work. As I understand it when I create a pnd... i) the squashfs gets mounted as...
  19. foft

    8-bit clut mode

    Hi, I'd like to use OMAP_DSS_COLOR_CLUT8 8-bit colour mode. I tried setting it with fbset, but it does not seem to understand 8bpp:(. I checked the omapfb kernel code (from a random version I have at home) and I see that it validates the params vs a very small set of modes which do not include...
  20. foft

    Lost Pandora on train - London

    Just left my bag (and Pandora) on a train or tube in London :( . If anyone sees any questionable sales on ebay or gumtree etc from this area please let me know... Mark