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  1. Reyhn

    4GB and 1,5GHz? Confirmed.

    Great news ED, keep up the incredible work and take some time to breathe every now and then !
  2. Reyhn

    ... we're still alive!

    Yeah 16GB looks fine, but I would'nt mind paying 10€ or so more for a 32GB eMMC.
  3. Reyhn

    Parallel Production and new boards

    Awesome news, hopefully my first pay ever will be for ED and a Pyra ! :D
  4. Reyhn

    Keymat Layout - the Final Poll!

    My 2 cts : don't forget not everyone is a native english speaker. I know ED has this in mind, being german, but it's important. Writing natural languageS should have priority over writing code too IMHO.
  5. Reyhn

    We got a plan!

    Awesome ! I hope all goes well for you ED.
  6. Reyhn

    How I Optimized F-1 Spirit for Mobile Processors

    Nice article, thanks. I found it quite surprising that each tile loads its own texture. That's probably one of the most frequent beginners' mistakes. :huh:
  7. Reyhn

    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    May 8th, 2015
  8. Reyhn

    Beautiful landscapes are prettier than portraits

    How would you fit the two screens on Pyra's screen ? :ph34r:
  9. Reyhn

    Quick video of the case

    Looks very good ! Can't wait for the final release of the Pyra !
  10. Reyhn

    Beautiful landscapes are prettier than portraits

    If the 720p screen is a valid option (ie. tested and worked with requirements met (refresh time, no CPU overhead etc.)), I think not much people would still want the 1080p screen, even more considering the overhead it brings. 720p is OK for desktop stuff especially on a handheld, and HDMI out...
  11. Reyhn

    The Logo Poll

    I like nr. 2 the most. Linked this poll to a few people who have no particular interest in Pyra and they all told me "2 is the best". Nr 1 is OK too yet a little generic, nr 3 doesn't look good and nr 4 is OK but it's hard to see the "dp" if you don't know it imo and then looks like a tribal thing.
  12. Reyhn

    Silent progress

    That's great news, thanks for the update. :)
  13. Reyhn

    FS: Pandora Classic

    I do not remember all the adventures wifi has gone through, but i have to say that since whatever SZ version, it is now working great on my CC Pandora. Envoyé de mon Nexus 4 en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. Reyhn

    Release Speed reader

    That's a nice project and interesting technology. :) What do you think of a modular approach, having two processes : one fetching the input text and one doing the front-end rendering. This way one could write its own front-end using the rendering tech and providing the functionnalities he...
  15. Reyhn

    Pyra Marketing Slogan

    Do what you want 'cause a Pyrate is free, you are a Pyrate !
  16. Reyhn

    News from the embedded world

    Snapdragon 801 anyone ? Don't really know how it compares to OMAP5 (it's basically an enhanced SD 800), and about availability.
  17. Reyhn

    How to calculate a price for the Pyra

    Thanks for the explanations ED. Do you consider doing a discount for people who are still waiting for a preordered Pandora and are willing to cancel to buy a Pyra instead ?
  18. Reyhn

    Logo Discussion

    Really nice.
  19. Reyhn

    Dat Price Tag Tho

    True, but you omit one thing : there are choices to be made before production, that have an impact on the price. You can clearly see in the threads debating about NAND and RAM (for example) that some people push for the biggest and the fastest no matter the final price. That's a good thing for...
  20. Reyhn

    Dat Price Tag Tho

    I guess that one goal of ED (as well as many others I know right) is not to loose money with this project. Keeping a community of the shape of Pandora's (and more or less the same) would be great, but I bet nobody spits on more people looking at the Pyra and buying it, right ? We here all...