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    Ps3 And Flash

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a specific button mapping for the Sixaxis controller for Flash... That's all :) TY
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    2Nd Line On (Eu) Phones

    Hey all! At the moment, I'm switching between internet providers within the Netherlands. If anyone tries to do this in the future.. let it do for you, because it's hell en expensive because of the amounts of calls you have to make. Anyways, my new providers provides their signal on the second...
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    Android: Mytouch/htc Magic/g2

    Hi all! I recently got a HTC Magic. For some reason the accelerometers stopped working after goofing arround with it.. Does anyone know how to fix this? I read this is probably software related, but I don't want to do a master reset since I kinda hooked to a game on it called Robo Defense and...
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    Faxing Without A Telephone Line..

    Hi all! Just bought a EPSON SX600FW all in one printer/scanner/fax and I was asking myself.. Is it possible to use the FAX without having a telephone line, by ADSL? If yes, how? Thanks!!
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    Seven Kingdoms Aa - Spr-Res Editor

    Hi guys! I've been looking everywhere on the internet for a working .SPR editor for Seven Kingdoms : Ancient Adversaries. Since the source has been released now, I think it would be nice if the game was updated with some new graphics. Perhaps some kind of Advanced Wars style.. I would like to...
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    Photoshop Problem

    Hi all! I'm an advanced photoshop user, but I thinks I pressed a wrong key-combo.. Everytime I try to make a new shape, PS makes it pixels straigt away.. And when I do this, photoshop doesn't create a new layer, but instead just adds these pixels into the same layer. Anyone familair with this...
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    Cs:s Widescreen Problem..

    Hi guys! Just wanted to test if my laptop could handle CS:S and it does.. Even much better than expected! BUT.. I have an Samsung SyncMaster 2492hs (1920x1080 FullHD) Which is nice, but CS:S doesn't run smooth enough. It is playable, but it's not at the same time. Even though I set the other...
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    Flashlite Games

    Hi all, It has been quite a while since I've been here. But recently I bought a Nokia N95 8GB and was looking for the capabilities of this sweet little device. Now I stumbled on FlashLite and I was thinking I CAN create games in Flash, but before I'm going to waste an enormous amount of time I...
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    Just Got A Gb Micro

    I was wandering the city I live in and I had some Euro's to spend. I had a bad day and wanted to get busy with something new. After a long walk and looking for a PS3 version of THP8 I saw the GB Micro for just 50 Euro's and I bought it. I was pretty curious how it would look like and play...
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    Gp2x F-200

    Hiya folks! I just discovered GPH came with her new console but, since the F-100 only lasts for about 6 hours, I expect the F-200 to drain the battery down in about 2 hours max. Do I get a totally wrong idea of this or is there even a little bit of truth in my way of thinking? Thanks in advance!
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    Wtb: Dreamcast Vga Box

    As the title and description says. I am willing to pay 20 Euro's ex shipping costs. So if you want to get rid of your VGA box, just PM me :) Thanks in advance! -NoidZ-
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    First of all, to clear things up a bit... I hate Jumpstyle! But! My question for all ya folks out here: Are you familiar with Jumpstyle (HINT: It's a music genre) and if your awnser is positive, what do you think about it? Over here (Netherlands) it was not known for about 3 months ago and at...
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    "- Political Discussion Are Prohibited, As Is Any Discussion On R

    Why is it prohibited? It's not like it's illegal or something. If you're afraid of getting discriminative post, ban them! Let the mature (enough) people talk about these things. They are one of the most important things in life and we can't have a discussion about it??? How sad! <_<
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    Flash Player

    I'm learning to create games in Flash at the moment and I'm willing to create some games which also are GP2X compatible even though my GP2X will be sparksterz's soon :) So I need a couple of things to know; -1) How high can the framerate be to run at full speed? (I want to use 25 if possible)...
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    Gp2x Shirts

    Would you wear one in public?
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    Getting A Tattoo But...

    Yes, I'm getting a tattoo. It's gonna be a tribal with a Kanji symbol at the top, but a woman I met London said the symbol didn't mean what I thought it ment (and the site says) But she said there where some design differences. Now she's from China, but the symbol is Kanji. I don't know the...
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    Needing Help With Actoinscript Programming..

    Hi, Yet another thing which I'll probably like for just a few days but here's my question :lol: I'm just learing about actionscripting for games in Flash 8. This is what I what I've got: function onEnterFrame() { //buttonpressing if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)) { player._x += 15; } if...
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    Looking For A Kind Of Music...

    When I was in London there was this market, but one of those played cd's of a band Save The Robot. This sounded awesome. But I can't find anything on the internet about it. If I had enough money at that moment I would have bought the cd, but I already spend allot of money down there, so if any...
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    Anyone From London?

    Well I'm leaving in about 6 hours for a school trip to London :) I've watched a documentary about the rise of the brand 55DSL and I want to take a look there to buy some nice stuff maybe. I'm staying at an hotel in Picadilly Circus, but does one of you guys know which metro I can take to...
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    Gph About Fw3.0.0

    Value Pack has just been released a few weeks ago. The firmware 3.0.0. consists mainly of artwork change, therefore existing customers with GP2X are not effected in any way regarding the functionality of the software. Finally, the firmware for the value pack 3.0.0 will be released soon. We are...