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  1. Super Jamie

    GP2X Prboom 2.5.0B Crashing With Add-Ons

    Hello all. It's been a long time since I've been around here, though I still have my F100-Mk2 with v2.1.1 firmware. I see Open2x is out now which is pretty exciting! PrBoom for GP2X is currently the latest upstream version (2.5.0) however it only works well for the original levels. When trying...
  2. Super Jamie

    Gp2x Does Not See 4gb Sd Card On First Boot, But Does On Second Boot

    I have a SanDisk Ultra II 4Gb SD Card, in a MkII GP2X with Firmware 2.1.1, the card has been formatted FAT32 with an SD Reader in Windows XP. If I copy files to the SD Card, and start the GP2X, and use Games, Explorer, etc, the SD Card menus appear empty, and nothing happens if I go Settings /...
  3. Super Jamie

    The General State Of Gp2x Emulation

    hi guys, i'm new around here. i've been playing with emulation on pc, xbox, psx and ps2 for years and years, and have looked at emulation on handhelds on and off before. i use vNes and vBoy on my symbian S60 mobile phone, but find the small screen and fiddly keys annoying. i guess the things i...