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  1. darkborn

    What is missing

    Pyra project suffers from the same childhood diseases as Pandora. Technology is rising faster then development of the product. e.g. Android was, maybe, an unexpected surprise (at a time of Pandora dev), but it was 7 years ago! It is a retro thing, but it should be designed for a future. And...
  2. darkborn

    Raspberry Pi in Pandora case? (defective board)

    I am referring to this:]   How much one unit cost? I found data only for "Signed, fully populated Pandora PCB (defective)" that cost 29,41 € (~$40.59) - is it with case? Is it possible to put...
  3. darkborn

    Pandora Review by Nixie Pixel?

    Does anybody tried to contact Nixie Pixel for review of Pandora? As I know, she is quite popular, and please look at her talking about OUYA project: "The Truth About OUYA - Android Gaming Console"   IMHO it should be done / verified by ED, as he is as trust-worth as...
  4. darkborn

    Windows 3.1X On Pandora

    This is branch & reaction to this topic: The Pandora can not run Windows (or WINE) (Information for new visitors.) which is itended for noobs that think that it could run Win 9x/XP & apps at Pandora. IT WOULD NOT. EDIT: JUST TO BE SURE: WIN 3.1X ARE POSSIBLE EMULATED RETRO SYSTEM; IT IS NOT...
  5. darkborn

    Euphoria at Pandora (as dev tool)? GAZ GM? Pro/contra?

    The Euphoria Programming Language:,, Current Stable Version is 3.1.1, last is Alpha Version 4.0a3 (download links are here) It is open source, ( got...
  6. darkborn

    Release AGS - Adventure Game Studio on Pandora?

    Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Official link: Linux port: legal information: AGS is free (but not open source?) game creation system. AGS game engine is needed for playing games...