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  1. techFreak

    Made In China!

    Final inspections:
  2. techFreak

    Release Puzzled!

    Not really. :D
  3. techFreak

    Release First Images Of Cnced Pandora

    Hi Everyone, Follow the link below to check the first images of CNCed body parts of Pandora. Sorry the text is all in Turkish but ED is working on a multi-language website so you will be able to see all updates in several language at the same time. You need to wait...
  4. techFreak

    Gp2x Wiz Is Delayed Again. Officially....

    Those who wait for the release of Wiz, unfortunately should wait till the end of April. :( According to GPH the delay was inevitable to provide proper Flash support. The samples will be sent to distributors before April.
  5. techFreak

    Release Keymat On Devboard!

    Keymats stopped by Turkey to give you a "Hi!" Now they are escorted by some Turkish Delights on their way to MWeston! :P More news to come soon. World tour of Pandora is going on!
  6. techFreak

    Release New Address Of Your Thumbs!

    Hi all, We know that you are waiting for some updates for Pandora. We certainly would like to keep you busy with more and more updates everyday. But sometimes it's simply impossible because we are working extremely hard to deliver you a dream machine, Pandora. Thanks for your understanding...
  7. techFreak

    Release Juicy Blue Nuggets Of Pandora...

    Hi all, Bluetooth is running on Pandora. ;) More to come later!
  8. techFreak

    New Wiz, Accessories And Pandora

    Hi, Some pictures of the new Wiz, original accessories and Pandora (working mainboard and LCD) from a computer show being held in Istanbul / Turkey. I'll try to make some videos and pictures later with more details. The Best,
  9. techFreak

    Any Applications To Use With New Bluetooth Drivers?

    I wonder if there are any applications that we can utilize new Bluetooth drivers?
  10. techFreak

    Gp2x Lcd Compatible Colors

    I'm doing some gfx to be displayed in GP2X LCD. I draw the gfx on PC mainly in Photoshop but the colors are very different and some details are really lost in GP2X Screen. Does anyone knows how to choose compatible colors with GP2X LCD Screen. P.S. : I use an MKII device. Any help would be...
  11. techFreak

    Updated: Entombed2x V1.0

    I've updated my Entombed2X port with 320 x 240 images. Now the game is faster and it looks better. Thanks to Bill Kendrick from New Breed Software for the course and images. You can download the game here. Here's some info about the game; You and your team of archeologists have fallen into...
  12. techFreak

    My New Game Port: Entombed2x (multiplayer)

    Hello All, Entombed2X is my second game port for GP2X. It's developed by Bill Kendrick based on the Atari 2600 game "Entombed". This game supports 2 player mode. Please see README_GP2X.txt for more information about the games and controls. I ported it directly with 640 x 480 resolution...
  13. techFreak

    Recyclable Cradle Mod

    I made a Recyclable Cradle. :P If you are bored of waiting for GPH's Cradle to come out you can make your own. It's suprisingly functional with it's built-in cable storage space. :D I don't have time to arrange the pictures here but here's the link...
  14. techFreak

    [demoscene] "check This Out" By Gnostic And Turbo / Bronx

    Gnostic and Turbo of Bronx released an eyecatching demo in Nightshift 2007. The file uploaded in the archive has missing some files so here's a captured video during the show. You can hear the applauses at the end of the video. :D Expecting more stuff...
  15. techFreak

    Nightshift 2007 Party / Istanbul... It's Over.

    NightShift 2007 is over. It was a quite good retro computing party. Check out the link below for the products. You can find a few GP2X products too.
  16. techFreak

    7d6 Scene Party! 2 - 3 December 2006

    2 - 3 December 2006 - Istanbul / Turkey 7D6 is the 5th of the 7DX scene parties. The first party has been held in 2002 ($7d2). From the beginning till today it's been one of the biggest show for sceners in Turkey. This year Smart (GP2X Exlusive Distributor of Turkey) is the main sponsor and...
  17. techFreak

    Gph Skinmaker Export Problem.

    I made a skin and tested it on GPH Skin Maker. It works fine but when I press F8 to export .gps file it gives a file around 31Kb. It doesn't work on my GP2X too. Any ideas where i am doing wrong?
  18. techFreak

    Power Your Gp2x From Your Pc's Usb Port.

    ati of made an accessory to power GP2X from PC's USB port. According to ati this will enable to use li-ion batteries in GP2X. Though he needs some time to develop this. Check out the wiki page in Turkish (at least you can see the pictures)...
  19. techFreak

    Gemdrop2x : My First Port!

    Gemdrop2x is a quick port of Gemdropx 0.9 by Bill Kendrick. It's not the greatest game of it's kind but it's special for me because it's my first port for GP2X. Thanks to GnoStiC for his continuous support and all other guys from and boards for their interests on GP2X...
  20. techFreak

    Notes2x Wip Text Editor

    I was working on an onscreen keyboard / text editor. Here's a very early release. You might figure out how easy to type with this utility. B) HOW TO USE: Use stick to change the letter blocks. A, B, X, Y to Type L Trigger : Back space R Trigger : Space SELECT : Change characters (not...