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  1. _David_

    Selling my Pandora 256Mo - $299

    It was a "premium" order, because I could not wait anymore :) - I now have bills to pay Works just fine, good condition, no problem whatsoever.
  2. _David_

    A vision for a possible next Pandora Concept

    When I see all this new tablet or smartphones (like the Samsung S3) , super fast , slim , cheap and available, I wonder : why don't we just add the missing part that we have on the pandora ? A keyboad with nubs and ABXY . It could click on the phone/tablet and create a shell PC just like the...
  3. _David_

    Jump start your Pandora! now you can go camping with your favorite handheld :)
  4. _David_

    Google Maps for Android - now works offline - Has anyone tried this ?
  5. _David_

    ActiveSync on Pandora

    Hello, I was wondering it could be possible to get ActiveSync working on Pandora? Not sure if this would be a start >
  6. _David_

    Airplay on Pandora

    As Totem can stream to an Airport Express / AppleTV ( , could totem be ported to the pandora ? This would be a kiss-ass feature for the pandora!
  7. _David_

    Online Game Database for the Pandora I added 2 games . Feel free to update or populate ;) -David
  8. _David_

    a live Pandora game list, maintained per users

    Hello, On the Pandora, some games can run better with a specific emulator, possibly a specific version, at the specific CPU speed, and sometime specific settings. As this is always changing, and a single person can't gather all this information, I thought members of the community could pick...
  9. _David_

    Mutliplayer mode in MAME4ALL

    Hello, I'd like to play some multiplayer mame games (MetalSlug, BubbleBobble,Pang...). Would connect 2 usb joysticks to a usb 2.0 Hub do the trick ? and how to map to controls ? I'd like to use this one : Thanks for your help! -David
  10. _David_

    SDLMAME very Slow

    Hi SDLMame is running super slowly , with echo in the sound . Any idea ? On the other hand, mame4all is flying! Thanks for your help, David
  11. _David_

    Open Pandora Game Review

    Many users seemed to be interested by a game review dedicated for the open-pandora. I made one, its still a draft , but it will last until the hosting plan expire, unless the community find an interest. It has only 1 game review now (Pac-Man) but anyone can create its own and comment on other...
  12. _David_

    Hello, I had started this website almost 1 year ago with big enthusiasm, and thinking I'll have a Pandora in my hands by now, so I'll be able to do all sorts of cool thing and share this with the community. Unfortunately it seems that most of the community stick this forum, even thought I...
  13. _David_


    Hello, I added a free text field for the users list, as well as the google order number : < all this is searchable. If you have a Pandora, please let me know what can be improved . Thanks, David
  14. _David_

    Can We Still Order A Pandora ?

    I initially sent a email to asking if could order from 2nd batch, and then I received a reply from Jacquelyn saying I could and asking for full name and address. After I replied with all my information, I never received any answer . Are they all the beach ?
  15. _David_

    Is The Pandora Patented ?

    I was wondering if the Pandora was covered by any king of patent. The main problem would be that another company would come with a Pandora copy, and therefore compromise the Pandora's sale. David
  16. _David_


    Hello, I just started a new website The goal is the have an optimized 800*480 so Pandora owners can browse the web from their handheld, and enjoy Pandora oriented content from their Pandora. the FAQ / Knowledge Base is ready and the chat still needs some optimization...
  17. _David_

    F200 And .fxe Extension

    Hello, Just go my F200 and I have a strange problem: I can not see the .fxe extensions , only .gpu. Is there any kind of filter applied ? I'm using the Game interface to navigate, should I use a different way ? Thanks for your help ! David.