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  1. spiralofhope

    Pyra gallery - slow, image suggestions Are the display and navigation of images slow for anyone else? -- Keyboard pictures: I went looking there, because I wanted some proper pictures of the keyboard. I wanted to know the differences by looking at a prototype instead of...
  2. spiralofhope

    Forum rich text editor is grey text on a black background

    Is anyone else seeing this problem? I have to click the wrench at the top-right of the editor to switch to the text editor. I've fixed this in my preferences. Is there a solution to the rich text editor so I can use it more easily?
  3. spiralofhope

    Pandora Are Pandora development skills portable to the Pyra?

    I'm considering learning basic porting and packaging. Are the skills portable to the Pyra? If not, I don't even want to bother. Is the PND format still usable on the Pyra? Will existing (basic) Pandora PNDs run as-is on the Pyra? I saw this, but it's ancient...
  4. spiralofhope

    Suggestion: Weekly YouTube videos

    A regularly-scheduled short video, showing off some little thing, would do wonders for publicity. Just showing off some tiny thing, talking about a piece of software, introducing a new person or just talking about interesting topics on the forum.. these things would help connect the developers...
  5. spiralofhope

    Configuring the tray's CPU Speed plugin

    In the tray / notification area is a button. Clicking it gives me a fold-out menu with CPU Speed as an option. Clicking that gives me a list of CPU speeds to change to, or change to a custom speed. How do I modify that list? The plugin GUI does not have anything implemented yet.
  6. spiralofhope

    Pandora Wiki password reset broken

    My password is probably locked away in a KeePassX database whose master password I forgot. When I try to reset my password, I get this error:
  7. spiralofhope

    Hardware Replacement keymat that isn't shiny

    One of my complaints, and the reason I shelved my Pandora for so long (again), was that the keys are *very* difficult to see. I see replacements are sold on the official store, but was another keymat ever designed?
  8. spiralofhope

    bluetooth headsets, a partly-working solution

    All of this would be magically handled, with no user intervention, if only alsa were updated. To get straight to the point, here's a replacement ~/.asoundrc to force a newly-opened alsa-using application to play to an...
  9. spiralofhope

    update alsa, or the kitten gets it

    bluetooth headsets don't work properly, and require user-intervention to partly-work. At best, only some applications work, and what does work is still semi-broken. From what I can tell, alsa needs to be updated: Update alsa. Or I will pet a kitten every hour until you do.
  10. spiralofhope

    external wifi

    Related: http://boards.openpa...-external-wifi/ Steps I've done: - disable the internal wifi - enable usb host - insert the dongle - dmesg I confirm that the device is detected. The wireless icon in the toolbar shows me as disconnected. I cannot ping anything. What should I do...
  11. spiralofhope

    Forum email receipts not being sent?

    I used to get forum emails, but I'm not anymore. I haven't changed any settings. I'm wondering if there are others who are also having this problem.
  12. spiralofhope

    Release USB hub doesn't work after beta 5a update.

    I have a Belkin F5U700 USB 2.0 7-Port Lighted Hub[19] which used to work. Since my update to SuperZaxxon beta 5a, it doesn't. What should I do to troubleshoot this?
  13. spiralofhope

    Alarm clock functionality - sleep and wakeup via scripts

    I'd like to write some scripts which can control the Pandora's wakefulness / standby state. Wake up and perform tasks at specific times, sleep/standby on specific events or times. Is there software provided with the Pandora which I can send a particular time for the system to be brought out...
  14. spiralofhope

    Installing SuperZaxxon beta 5a

    I'm trying to install I read and understand the instructions. I believe I'm following them correctly. With an empty newly-partitioned (ext2) SD card, I am unable to get "Boot from SD1" to show. I have tried reformatting (ext3) according to the wiki's Formatting SD...
  15. spiralofhope

    Changing the machine name

    I have one of these: Logging in, I'm astounded to see that on the main status panel, my Pandora shows up.. with my password as its machine name. While this is really "awesome", it's unexpected. hostname --fqd just gives...
  16. spiralofhope

    Learn system version / hotfix

    Is there a straightforward way to learn what revision I'm using? For example: uname -a Linux SYSTEM_NAME #1 DATE TIME armv71 GNU/Linux That may help, if kernel differences exist between revisions.. but I doubt that will always be true. Is there a better way? Some sort...
  17. spiralofhope

    Thunar occasionally unable to select folders

    Everyday usage of Thunar 1.0.2 occasionally has it stop letting me browse into folders. I cannot double-click, I cannot use the right nub to click and I cannot press enter to get into a folder. This seems to be random. While using it, it just stops. Restarting the application it will...
  18. spiralofhope

    Battery information

    The official documentation: http://openpandora.o...emid=31&lang=en .. points the user to: http://pandorawiki.o...#First_Time_Use .. which says: I'm working on documentation, and one of the things which really bothers me is poorly-unsourced and possibly-disastrous information. Like the...
  19. spiralofhope

    Appreciating the challenge of Dreamcast emulation

    I thought I'd share a video that helped me appreciate just how difficult it would be to emulate a Dreamcast on the Pandora.
  20. spiralofhope

    Pandora Collectable Coin

    GET LAMP has been shipping its first orders with a collectable coin manufactured by The Monterey Company. It's spectacularly high quality and inexpensive. Things like cases, signatures, stamps and other such ideas have been talked about before. I wonder if a collectable coin could be a good idea.