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    Golem (Working Title)[/media] So, I'm back again. Ready to not make the same mistakes I made in my last project. For the last few months I've been working on this gem. I've always been a great fan of the Dungeon Keeper games and Evil Genius and I wanted...
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    Human Condition - Development Thread

    EDIT: Sorry, for those who don't know. Human Condition (previously TINCS) is a multiplayer FPS aimed at the Pandora. TINCS is back, under a new title and with new goals. It's been a long few months, I've been working on a few commerical projects and pocketed myself a good bit of cash. I've...
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    Unofficial Blog - Development Feature

    Hey guys. I've been given the go ahead to write a series of basic Pandora game development features for the Unofficial blog. I'm planning on starting very basic, aiming at an aboslute novice, but at the same time making sure readers are comfortable targeting the Pandora so that they work with...
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    Tincs - Name Poll

    Here we are with another poll again. This will probably be the most important one. When you first hear of a game, you usually hear it accompanied with a name, depending on how that name sounds, what images it conjures up, generally give you a good idea of what it's about. Also, if a name sucks...
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    Onlive Wow?
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    Caanoo / WIZ Tincs, For Wiz?

    Greetings. I come from a land far to the north. Where we dream about the Pandora :pandora1: , rather than the Wiz. :gp2x I'm working on a multiplayer first person shooter for the Panda. I've got the boring stuff out the way, like networking, model formats, animation. Right now I'm having...
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    Tincs - Backstory Poll

    So, I opened up a discussion thread on these in general, it didn't go very well. But whatever. I'll just soldier on, even if nobody votes. Now, some of these are quite long and it will take about 10 - 20 minutes to get through them all depending on your reading speed. If you don't have that...
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    Tincs - Pre-vote Backstory Discussion

    Backstory poll is up! CODE Hey. It was requested last time, that we discuss polling options before opening the polls. It''s not too late to submit a backstory either. Just head over here, make sure you read the...
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    New Pcsx2 Release

    Don't know if anybody here uses it, but PCSX2 has had its first release in a few years. Apparently, we've got lots of speed ups, I'm going to grab some games now and give it a try. CODE
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    Help Tincs Choose Its Art Direction!

    Voting is now over We're accepting backstory pitches and name ideas now If you want to make a backstory pitch, read these guidelines CODE Then read here, for information on hosting your pitch on the Jottit site. CODE...
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    The Pirate Bay Trial - Your Views

    Hey guys. As you may or may not know. The guys who run TPB (The Pirate Bay) are currently being tried in Sweden for charges like "Accessory to copyright infringement". Here's an up to date account of what's going on: CODE...
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    Pandora Tutorials On The Pandora Wiki

    The Pandora wiki CODE has been bare for months. I understand this is because the developers are too busy working on drivers and such. Well, the Pandora is out in a few months, we want to hit the ground running, so everybody can start putting their applications on the...
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    Who Would Want A Homeworld Pandora Port?

    As you may, or may not know, Homeworld is open source now, with many different ports. The main one being "Homeworld SDL", would anybody be interested in me porting this to the Pandora? I would be happy to do so along side TINCS, I will probably do it with community approval or not, because it's...
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    Linux Optimization Advice

    Hey guys. I've just got TINCS compiling on Linux. But it won't play nice. The server starts up fine, runs fine, as far as I know. But once you enter the game as a client, you move very slowly, (this is probably because the server cannot complete its game logic thread very fast, which doesn't...
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    Tincs - First Server Test (07/02/09) 9pm - 11pm Gmt

    UPDATE Unfortunately the server test cannot take place this weekend and is rescheduled to next weekend. If you still want to take part, email me at "jack(at)" and i can give you more details closer to the date. Hey. TINCS is running its first server test tomorrow, (Saturday)...
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    Omap Is Tickless?

    I heard a rumor that the OMAP is tickless? This means that my "SDL_GetTicks()" calls won't do jack right? Will there be any way to grab any time number?
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    Pandora Porting App To Pandora

    Hey. I'm currently using SDL, Opengl and SDL_net in TINCS. I know SDL will be on the Pandora, but how will it integrate with OpenGL ES 2.0? Will it be able to create OpenGL ES 2.0 windows? On that note, I cant find good OpenGL ES tutorials anywhere. What about SDL_net? Will I have to compile...
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    Pandora Tincs - Multiplayer Shooter For Pandora (video)

    TINCS is currently inactive until Pandoras start being shipped, the development thread is here: