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  1. Fzero

    C64 DB9 compatibility

    So, my C64 stick is a bit flakey unfortunately. I'll get a new one soon. For the interim, i was just about to dig out a 2600 controller or a Sega pad. I've read before of Megadrive pads, might, cause damage to the C64 internals due to drawing more power. Is this correct? Does anyone know what...
  2. Fzero

    ZX Spectrum +2 ...problem

    I've another Speccy 128k +2, but having some problems with it. Wondering if anyone has suspicions on what might be the failure here. Also I'm just using RF cable, as don't have an S-Video to Scart to test with. I'm thinking at the weekend I'll buy one and see if that has any effect. So when i...
  3. Fzero

    Analogue nt-mini [another NES console]

    Just was checking this, looks decent from what it shows there.
  4. Fzero

    Official Lego sets - retro gaming related

    I'm looking for a list of official Lego sets that exist and relate to gaming, ideally the old retro systems/games ...If any really exist I know of Lego Dimensions Midway Pack. It has a Midway arcade cabinet which is nice. Anything else like that? I know some Nintendo and Sega stuff exist as...
  5. Fzero

    WonderBoy The Dragon's Trap [remake]

    So this is coming out very soon, and I knew it was going to be a must buy for me anyway, but I only recently saw the interview with LizardCube / DotEmu guys on Metal Jesus Rock's channel where they showed the feature that allows you to switch between the new nicely drawn graphics and the...
  6. Fzero

    Nintendo storage room - Sooo many Famicoms

    Oh to be allowed a supermarket sweep inside here eh :)
  7. Fzero

    External speakers - WiFi - advice needed

    My current home viewing setup consists mainly of; - Projector - Shield TV [for watching telly/films] - PC [or Steam gaming mainly] I need speakers though, and not sure what to do. The projector only has a 3.5mm audio output, for headphones or little portable speakers I guess? I would like...
  8. Fzero

    [Question] Megadrive Vpin to Scart

    Can anyone tell me please what this cable would typically known as, or is the Megadrive connection pretty unique to that system? I want to try find one of those on Maplin website so I can pick one up today at lunchtime. Cheers
  9. Fzero

    Casual Android players - Battle?

    Anyone play any fun Android games that are multiplayer and allow invite? Want to play sometime? I know timezones might be an issue here for some of us... Fun Run 2 is good imo, I haven't installed it on my latest phone and just noticed it again as I was looking through my uninstalled apps on...
  10. Fzero

    GoldenEye: Source

    Everyone loves the N64 GoldenEye, right? I just saw the new trailer for GoldenEye: Source It looks good, revamped graphics. I don't believe thier is a Linux port at the moment, but those running Windows/Wine could give it a try I'm going to try make time to try it later this evening myself...
  11. Fzero

    Slain: Back From Hell

    So I know there were a couple old threads floating about this game on launch... And reviews were generally not very good. But, it's back, and the reviews on Steam, the recent ones, are Very Positive. It might be worth checking again. Tenners on Steam right now, but on HB it's cheaper still at...
  12. Fzero

    [Help Request] Restrict program from Joy2Key

    I have a bit of a problem with how my Joy2Key is set up currently on my PC. I use Joy2Key for one thing only, Hyperspin, to map my xbox pad to the k/board controls. This is all working perfectly fine in Hyperspin. However, I want to use my Steam on this PC too. And here is the problem...
  13. Fzero

    Unproductive Friday [Little Alchemy game]

    Guys, I think you're going to love this, but heed my warning, don't even click through if you have actual work to be getting done today ok :) I'm at 101/560, using no clues, and since last night. So addictive, I have Yoda and Vader, tunnels and archipelagos... Kiss...
  14. Fzero

    Spectrum Next [New Open Source Hardware]

    ZX Spectrum Next That's about it for now... Along with couple nice looking images and a registration link to get details as and when funding starts.
  15. Fzero

    Geekbox - Open Source TV Box [Android & Ubuntu Dual Boot]

    Been looking at Android TV boxes for someone, on Geekbuying site, and just noticed they've a link to this product; Thought I'd post it here, for the Open Source and DIY fans who might be interested. Some text from their website:
  16. Fzero

    History lessons

    here's to hoping that this becomes a regular series. I like this guys style of presentation, and musical jingles :) Lesson 1 - The History Of Japan
  17. Fzero

    [Film] Hardcore Henry

    Planning to watch this at the cinema next month Shot like a FPS game, seems an interesting take on a film. Not sure that the storyline will be that amazing, guessing this is set to be an all out action ride
  18. Fzero

    BBC Micro:bit

    Was listening to a radio discussion about it this morning. BBC Micro, which introduced many back in the day to BASIC, are back with a new Micro:bit computer, similar to the Pi, is being targeted at the youth as an entry level to coding and understanding hardware. I think as of today, they are...
  19. Fzero

    Game Cataloguing | What do you do?

    I recall watching a Metal Jesus Rocks video where he was talking about this, and uses Delicious on his OSX machine Just been looking at some, and saw this one which looks ok too I'm planning on continuing updating my Discogs to get my...
  20. Fzero

    Raspberry Pi 3 Looks good, now with built in b/t and wifi 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU $35 for you US guys, £30 for us