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    What Has Happened To...?

    I just don't like the Pandora now that it's in my hands, the screen is way too small for either GUI, making it clumsy. I could definetly make the screen size work with Golem but I don't think I can be fucked with using the bloody thing. It's disastrously unresponsive sometimes too, even with the...
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    What Has Happened To...?

    I knew this day would come, judgement for my inability to finish stuff :rolleyes: In the end what happened was, the wait for the Pandora killed my interest in both coding for it, and helping out on pandorapress. I do in fact have a Pandora now, but I'm not sure of its fate, in the long wait...
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    Love The Pandora, But Mines On Ebay

    Dang, the temptation to ebay my Pandora and get a Dell Streak is huge. Hell, I could even use the money to fix up my car.
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    Factory Reset

    BitLocker muhahaha No but seriously, who the hell uses bitlocker anyway? Why not just skip the middle man and get truecrypt.
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    Port Requests / Projects Under Development Thermometer

    You really, really need a separate box just for PSX emulation ;) That's probably what most people want right now I'd imagine.
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    Love The Pandora, But Mines On Ebay

    Must, resist, ebaying, pandora. I kid, I kid.
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    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

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    I've got combat implemented, I'm going to work on the graphics for it this weekend, like rockets and shit. Going to have to code in particle effects for pretty explosions too.
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    Second Batch

    If the money was being used to also pay for production fees they would have had to charge us more. Not only were they making a loss on each unit, but they also were paying for production fees out of their own wallets.
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    Second Batch

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    The Jungle Of Opengl, Where To Start?

    If you go ahead and dive into OpenGL ES 2.0, you're going to give up from absolute confusion, you need to start, like everybody from the start.
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    Amigo is on board helping me with art now, this is what he's been up to so far.
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    Hi-Res Pandora Product Pictures

    What's with the damn website name ruining these lovely pictures?
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    Windows Embedded Comapct 7

    I don't think it matters, this should "just work".
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    Pandora Pandora And Python

    I didn't like C++ SFML, it was WAY too high level for me. SDL until I die :)
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    I have no trouble playing TCP games on crappy internet/Wifi, this isn't 1999 bro.
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    Controller Limitations

    Analog buttons are a waste of space, triggers are far superior if you want analog control. Pandora has neither, which sucks for those of us who love racing games.
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    I like the idea a lot and I'll write it down, but again, it's getting too deep into direct control. Yup, too much time spent making the latest SSAO or tessellation technique look good :D
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    My point is, why would you run a php server off the Pandora.
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    What's the plan for networking?