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  1. matzesu

    The Official Gaming Communication Thread

    Hellolo, as some of us are playing still some Games, i think this might be a good place for general discussions, Please note that your Progress still belongs in the "What game have you playing this Weekend" Thread .. So lets getting startet: As i think i got a different Neo Geo Bios File on...
  2. matzesu

    Request: More Action like on the Good old Pandora Days

    Do you remember? In the Pandora (and GP2X) Days, whe had lots of Blogs, Youtube Channels, The Boards got a lot more travic, etc.. Now: Some Newsposts, some Videos from @EvilDragon , and from @matzesu , and the most Porting Stuff was done by @ptitSeb I remember par exemple the Pandora Today...
  3. matzesu

    Parlez vouz francaise? Or how to use our Linux Device for Learning Languages

    Well, i dont want to derail Ptisebs Thread more, so i decide to just make a new one.. My Situation: French in Shool for 10 Years (I had to continue the 3th Grade), but my French is worse than my English.. Whe went to French every year, until Corona, but to the wrong parts of French (there is...
  4. matzesu

    The new big Batterie Live Thread

    I know, a Batterie Comparation might not be that usefull yet, but maybe it might be quite interessting: The Rules: If you want to show how long your Pyra takes to eat a certain amount of Batterie, you have to write some informations: - Which Stuff is running: Bluetooth, Keyboard Backlight...
  5. matzesu

    Port Request: A lot ^^

    I know, some of the Members who made all these Stuff whe had on Pandora are now involving in the OS Development for Pyra, or got Family, etc.. And its not meant to be "I command you to port this and that".. Its just that i remember some cool stuff from the Pandora whe dont have on the Pyra...
  6. matzesu

    Amiga Emulation (maybe Port Request?)

    As whe might remember, one of the Goals from the Pandora was to have a portable Amiga Emulator whit Keyboard, but as great as the Emulators on Pyra allready are, there is still no DBP of an Amiga Emulator which is a bit sad.. I will try to run the Pimiga 2.0 today evening or tomorrow afternoon...
  7. matzesu

    The new Linux Noob Thread

    Lets Imagine you have a Debian ARM Handheld, you are a member since 10 years, and you used Linux a long time, but only the "easy stuff", like Installing things from the Repo, launching things by just clicking on them, but you ditnt know how to run par exemple GOG Games.. This Thread might be a...
  8. matzesu

    Retrobörse in Völklingen am Samstag

    Hallölle: Übrigens ist am Samstag (09.10.2021) in Völklingen in der Herbert Neuberger Halle (in der Nähe vom Gymniasium) eine Retrobörse mit Ständen, Retrokonsolen zum Ausprobieren, Cosplay, etc, und ich bin auch kurz da, ich weiss nur nicht genau zu welcher Zeit... Es gillt 3G, also Genesen...
  9. matzesu

    Port Request: Rigs of Rods

    Hellolo, after spending to much time in Snowrunner, i wonder if whe could have Rigs of Rods on the Pyra? Its opensource, there is a 32 bit Linux Version ( i wonder what server means? ), Its Windows Version runs on the GPD WIN 1 .. Awesome Driving Simulator I know it might be a lot of Work, but...
  10. matzesu

    Pyra in den Nachrichten (im guten wie im schlechten)

    Hier sammeln wir einfach mal News aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum wo die Pyra drinnen vorkommt, ich hab da was entdeckt was ich nicht unkommentiert lassen kann, hier wird unter anderem von "7000 Pyras" gesprochen die es gibt, und der Aufmacher ist das Michael in Konkurenz zu Sony Nintendo und Co...
  11. matzesu

    The Pyra Video Suggestions Thread

    As you know, I have a small YouTube channel, and a Pyra, and I dit some Videos about it, where I showed some of the allready existing software, showed how it works in sunlight, compared it whit the Pandora, etc But I’m now a bit out of ideas what to show, what...
  12. matzesu

    RTFM , the big gathering thread for useful commands and tricks around Pyra and Software

    Well to get a place for all of the stuff, this is it: I would suggest just write commands hear, like: DOSBOX: mount C media/matzesu/pyra 2/pyra roms/DOSBOX/Munch Not only Commands, also shortcuts for the Emulators like mgba : fn + F1 - F... = Savestate Shift + fn + F1 - F.. Loadstate...
  13. matzesu

    Pyra why ?

    How do you explain to others why you spend up to 760 € on this 2 x 1,4 ghz ARM Brick instead of a "normal" Notebook for less whit more power? my reason was just because i liked my Pandora (which was a frustration purchase), had a lot of great time in the community, and wantet a "New Pandora" +...
  14. matzesu

    Tea, Earl Gray, Hot , the big tread about your morning drink

    Hallölle, Because my Coffee Mugs on the "What dit you buy" Thread lends to a Discussion about "Is Coffee from a Machine the right one? I decided to make this place now our place to go for everything that fits in a Pyra or other Mug ^^
  15. matzesu

    Der Ultimative Gameboy Thread, hauptsache nur 1 Display

    Selbst wer von uns keine echte Konsole hatte, wird sicher den ein oder anderen Gameboy zumindest mal in der Hand gehalten haben, vor allem die Kinder der 80ger Jahre, Bei mir hat das damit irgendwie angefangen, weil meine Schwester von einem Nachbarsjungen den Gameboy mit Tetris und Mario Land...
  16. matzesu

    Mein GBA SP Picachu Edition IPS braucht futter ^^

    Hallölle, nachdem ich ja jetzt das perfekte Gerät für alles bis GBA habe, würde ich gerne meine Spielesammlung erweitern, jetzt sind natürlich die An und Verkaufläden geschlossen, und beim Amazon Marktplatz hab ich zwar gute Erfahrungen gemacht, aber da hat man dann bei 5 Spielen 5 Verkäufer...
  17. matzesu

    Der Pyra Erfahrungs Faden

    Hallölle, da nicht jeder des Englishen mächtig ist, und es vielleicht nicht schlecht ist das deutsche Forum wieder etwas aktiver zu frequentieren.. wie ihr vielleicht mitbekommen habt hab ich hier seit ein paar Wochen so ein Pyra Dingsbums, und ich hab sogar in meinem Youtube Kanal ein Paar...
  18. matzesu

    What is your Reason you want this Thing?

    At least whit this CPU Board, the Pyra may not be the fastest Pocket PC in the World, and its quite Expensive, But as there are a lot Peaple that still want this Thing even if you can get a Normal Notebook for less Money, so what is your Background as Orderer/Buyer of this DS Clone whit the...
  19. matzesu

    The Official Pyra Handheld Community Video Thread

    Hellollo, this will be now our place for "Funny Cat Videos", or the Videos you made your own.. The Topics are just as you like, as long as its no porn, or something.. Rules are quite Easy: no porn, no offending, (or how this was spelled), no polittical propaganda, please beware of the Board...
  20. matzesu

    Allways a Arm Lenght Distance, or how to measure ?

    To splitt the Measuring Discussion a bit from the more important Pyra Assembly Thread, i would like to put the rest of this discussion i this thread.. Some are using the metric System (mostly in Europe), some the imperial ..