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    Neogeo: Dumpgfx Windows

    I went to cmd and did what u said but it says couldn't load why is that.
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    Bor Game Mods

    how do I play these mods on my wiz. what do I need someone please help
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    Race! Problems

    every time I try to load my ngpc it goes to a black screen someone please help
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    hi everyone Im a new wiz user and got the ngpc RACE_Wiz_Binaries_8-10-09_pollux(3) btbthe darn thing just goes to a black screen can some one please send me a working ngpc race emu. it would be much helpful thank u.
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    A Few Questions About Emus And Others Things

    why wont my ngpc work on my wiz it just goes to a black screen
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    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    how do you uninstall win2x
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    Mame4All For Wiz

    can I download it somewhere else
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    Mame4All For Wiz

    I did still nothing anI have 7z power archive winzip and winrar but I Dont even get a chance to download mame4all somethings wrong with the link all I get is error 404
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    Mame4All For Wiz

    Hi Ima new wiz user.Igot my wiz on dec.12/09 my main reason for buying this product was for handheld emulation on the go. I really wanted the mame4all emulator but was unable to download it from the page. First I get an error 404 message I click back but when I do this it...