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    SDL2 performance on OpenPandora

    I created a sdl2 demo app to check out the performance. Texture is drawn every frame to see how much time that operation takes. On 1Ghz Pandora it's almost 4ms or ~270fps (with LIBGL_FB=1 set or directly in code::blocks (which seems to set it automatically when the program starts)) Source...
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    Better nub config

    Hi, is it somehow possible to set nubmode to scrolling when mouse-button is set and f.e. you press the left shoulder button while moving the right nub? If you set it to scrolling in general, you lose the functionality for mouse-button handling... This would seem kinda handy...
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    Software adjustment for "broken" nubs possible?

    I was running PCSX when my battery power ran out and the system decided to shut the system down. After rebooting, the nubs seemed to be not working anymore until i noticed that the nubs were still working in the input tester. So i checked nub configuration and noticed that both nubs were set...
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    Schultertasten einstellen & Problem mit SD-Karte

    Hi, ist es möglich (und wenn ja wie/wo) die rechte Schultertaste anstatt die linke zum Verschieben von Fenstern einzustellen. Das würde es als Linkshänder um einiges vereinfachen. (glaube ich hab diese Frage zuvor um falschen Bereich gepostet... ^^") Außerdem: Wenn ich versuche eine etwas...