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  1. Prophet

    Debug a disappearing SD?

    I have had the pandora for a while now.  Today when I woke up slot1 stopped recognizing that a card had been inserted.  When I first insert the card, the processing light flashes a few times indicating to me that SOME part of the process tried to work, but no card subsequently exists in file...
  2. Prophet

    PPSSPP - Down + Left Stuck?

    I'm hoping someone can tell me if this is a problem only I have.  1Ghx pandora, fairly new, works in all applications as I've come to expect after working with my classic pandora.  The lone exception so far is PPSSPP.  For some reason any game I start acts as if I am holding down the 'Down +...
  3. Prophet

    USB Dongle?

    I have a couple of USB dongles I use for faster internet access and I'd love to use them while running android.  Is this possible already and I'm just not seeing how?  Or so impossible it's a pipedream?  What's the word on USB network appliances :) ?
  4. Prophet

    Exit Android gracefully?

    I know this is probably a dumb question.  I've been scouring here looking for the info, but as a 'never-used-Android-before' user how to shut it off is eluding me.  Is there a way to shut down and go back to the pandora once you've launched?  The closest I've found is to muddle around with the...
  5. Prophet

    Post Flash Issues - please help!

    I flashed to the latest Kernel this morning and my Pandora is behaving weirdly.  I posted this to the "SuperZaxxon v1.52" thread in the software forum, but it occurs to me I might get better support if I posted to the forum made for support :) So without further ado, I flashed my device and...
  6. Prophet

    Wtb: Broken Gp32 Or Parts Of Gp32

    Hey all,   My GP32 BLU's shoulder buttons finally went bad. I want to get a non-working unit (or just the shoulder parts, including the metal fingers) so I can fix it.   Anyone have an old broken one with good shoulder buttons to sell cheap? Or any idea where I can get those parts?   Honestly...
  7. Prophet

    WTB: broken GP32 or parts of GP32

    Hey all, My GP32's shoulder buttons are busted, so I want to try to get a non-working unit that someone no longer needs so I can use the parts to fix mine. If anyone has one, or even just the shoulder buttons (including the metal fingers inside the buttons) to sell, I would appreciate it. I'm...
  8. Prophet

    Have to hold it sideways?

    I think it's pretty clear something is broken, but perhaps one of you fine folks might know what... The symptoms: 1) My pandora generally sits in a 'frozen' state with the leftmost 2 green LED lights lit 2) To get it out of this state I have to pop the battery off and on a few times...
  9. Prophet

    PSX-reARMed - DW7

    Has anyone gotten Dragon Warrior 7 to work on PSX-reArmed v10 (or earlier versions) I'd love to carry this gem around with me, but for some reason all I get is a black screen after game loading. No errors, no noises, just darkness. I'm hoping one of you fine folks has managed to succeed...
  10. Prophet

    Interesting article on emulators

    This article describes some of the challenges/complexity required to perfectly emulate hardware game systems and how even modest or old hardware can require a lot of processing power to emulate perfectly. It seemed like it would be worth reading for some folks who are intermittently curious...
  11. Prophet

    Sound Issues - Headphone Jack

    I thought I was ripping DVDs poorly, but today clinched it. Regardless of what I'm listening too the sound coming through the headphone jack is off. The vocal track sounds like the speaker is speaking down a distant metal hallway. Low volume, echo-y, distant, tinny... Most of the rest of the...
  12. Prophet

    GemRB error

    I had BG1 working via gemRB a few weeks ago. I accidentally deleted my appdata folder and had to go through and reinstall everything. Now I can't get gemRB to run anything :( I'm hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong here. I had it working once so I know it's possible... 1) ran...
  13. Prophet


    Open letter to the developer of GemRB: I love your work and wish you the best. Playing BG and IWD on my pandora is awesome. PST is a fond expectation too. I am officially sending you all the moral support i can muster in the ever appropriate support forum :)
  14. Prophet

    Ethernet Adapter

    I went out and bought myself a USB -> ethernet adapter (amazon link) so I could plug-in the ole pandy at work here (no wireless available for security reasons :/ ) Sadly the adapter doesn't seem to work. After some looking the manufacturer mentions that there's a linux kernel issue and has...
  15. Prophet

    Premium Pandora Recipient

    I've seen a topic or over the last few weeks with threads discussing that fact that most people who bother posting are upset, or that the happy consumers are busy playing with their toys and so aren't posting. I feel compelled therefore to make the following statements that hopefully help you...
  16. Prophet

    Did You Get Your Retail Wiz? Post About It Here!

    The Wiz has started shipping and soon (probably tomorrow) many people around here will have their shiny new Wiz! So it's time for new users to start letting everyone know their impressions. Feel free to post photos too. :-) This is basically the 3rd gen GP32, and we need some more good old...
  17. Prophet

    How Is The Dpad On The Wiz?

    I just did a search for "diagonal" and nothing came up about the dpad, just screen tearing, so here's a topic about it. For those with beta Wiz's - how good/bad is the dpad? How are the diagonals? Do you have to press extra hard for them, or are they smooth? Basically - is this a dpad that...
  18. Prophet

    Likelihood Of Credit Card Payment For 2nd Batch?

    Just wondering what the chances are that credit card payment options will be possible with the 2nd batch. Thanks.
  19. Prophet

    What's A Good Online Bank Transfer Site?

    Went to my bank the other day and the teller seemed slightly confused by what I wanted to do. She said I could do an online transer via my bank's web account, but there's no bank->bank option there from what I see. Never did this type of transaction before so I feel a bit lost. Any 3rd party...
  20. Prophet

    How Do You Get A Proper Full Refund? Must Be Some Way?

    Just curious... The partial refund due to the bank fiasco is fine for people who are determined to reorder. They just resend the amount refunded and their order is reinstated. Nothing lost. However, for anyone who wants to cancel their order - how do they get a proper full refund? There must...