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  1. S Official English Firmware Howto/changes

    I just updated mine today, good firmware upgrade :D , if Gamepark keep improving at the rate they are, then who knows what this handheld has in store in the future? I would love to see more compatibility on the video side of things. Also it would be cool to be able to play MP3's then minimise...
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    Replacement Joystick Caps Available

    Cheers Dave, just to let you know, mine arrived today, very pleased with it, well worth buying. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Thanks.
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    Plese Help? Trouble Formatting Smc

    I'm having trouble Frmatting my SMC, i have 3 SMC's they were all working on my GP32 Blu up until i tried to transfer some files, then they all became corrupt. I have read about the SMC Formatter tool for Windows using a card reader, my PC has a card reader and i generally use it but when i...
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    Smc Problems

    I'm having a problem with my SMC card aswell, can anyone help? I could do with a Windows XP USB Driver fro the GP32, has anyone got one as windows does'nt recognise my GP32 Blu. I would format the SMC with the formatter program but it keeps coming up with an error so i need to try it thru GP...
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    Smc Aint Workin

    Can anyone tell me what i should re-format my SMC with? Fat/ Fat 16 ? Also when i try and format it in windows it's telling me that it can't coz it's non writable? My GP32 reads it but i can't transfer any more programs to it for the time being? Can Anyone Help? Cheers.
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    I Broke My Lcd

    Yeah that's what i plan on doing once this GPX2 is launched although i also wanna pick one of those babies up aswell. I recently ordered a PSP with firmware 1.5 so that will tie me over until the GPX2 comes out. I still have my GP32 Nlu in the meantime. Sorry for the noobish Q? but can anyone...
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    Has Anyone Managed To Get The Starwars Wad Working

    This is a bit Off Topic but how can i disable the write protection for my SMC every time i put it in my PC it's coming up that it's write protected, is there any other way other than re-formatting the card?
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    Has Anyone Managed To Get The Starwars Wad Working

    Has Anyone managed to get the Starwars WAD working on GP Doom? when i load GP Doom up i select Doom and then STARWARS and it's starts loading and i hear the music then nothing? what am i doing wrong?
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    Blu And Flu

    Gonna hopefully pick up a GP32 Blu once the GPX2 is released, i already have a Nlu and a Flu, although my Flu ain't working coz of bad flash :(
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    Can anyone give me direction's on how to flash Slubman's Firmware?
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    Ahh thanks for putting it up, cheers much appreciated. ;)
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    Can someone help? I'm witing to flash.....
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    oh ok, but has'nt anyone got the original Euro Firware release then? Also can you help me out with flashing Slubman's Firmware, i heard it's one of the best
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    Same ere...but in the read me the blokes saying he ain't tested it on a GP32 Nlu only a Flu, i don't wanna takethe risk?
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    yeah but....yeah but......i only have seen Multi-Firmware on there or the Modded Euro Firmware for the Flu model which i don't have? If someone is using the Euro Firmware would they mind dumping it and sending it to me please? Also can someone help me out with flashing Slubman's...
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    GP32 Help Needed Urgently!

    Cheers mate, followed you instruction's, all sorted now, although i am looking for Euro Firmware for it? Any Idea where i can get this?
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    please can anyone help? Anyone?
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    Where Can I Get Euro Firmware From?

    Where Can I get the Euro Firmware From? Can anyone help? i noticed there's a modded Euro Firmware on this site for the GP32 Flu, i have a GP32 Nlu. Where can i pick up the Official Euro Firmware from?
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    Help Needed Urgently!

    Ok, i have sorted out my GP32 now, i am so happy, now what can i do about my GP32 Flu? Also where can i get the official Euro Firmware From?
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    Help Needed Urgently!

    nah, no luck just tried it, blast.