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    My New Flash Animations

    a couple of animations I created while learning flash EG's adventure EG's further adventures
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    sound recording

    I was wondering if there was a program to record sound using the speakers on a gp32 if not is this actually possible?
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    tester program

    has anyone produced any kind of software that tests what speeds a gp32 can do without causing damage, if not might be and idea, so people can have an idea of what will kill their gp especially with people hex overclocking emu's at the moment
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    imappy with gp emulator

    ok likely I'll get shouted at for asking easy question but is there a way of using iMappy with the gp32 emulator, I've had a couple of the home brew games running on it but when I try running imappy it can't find any maps I've read the instructions for creating virtual smc files but still...
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    what a pain this is

    I was assaulted back in may 01, so I put in a claim for compensation from the criminal injuries bodya and the other week I recieve a letter from the solicitor saying that there are going to pay me xx pounds, sign here to accept and have the money sent to the solicitor so they can take off their...