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    Pocketsnes V7.0

    Add the ability to change the damn buton config!!!!!!!!!!!! Please? :)
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    X86 Windows 7 Gaming Handheld Anounced.

    Throw XP on it then :P
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    Might Make A Mame Cabinet... What Software?

    pics of my plexi case: I gotta find my pics for my other boxes ive made :) I can play Xbox 360/PS3 and PC with this stick.
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    Might Make A Mame Cabinet... What Software?

    If you want the true arcade style buttons and stick, go with HAPP! The stick is a round gate and the buttons are clickity click loud :) The happ stick has more depth do it but im sure that wont matter if its in a cabinet. With HAPP you can replace the switches in the stick and buttons if they...
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    Might Make A Mame Cabinet... What Software?

    Make sure you get a good stick and buttons for your cabinet. I'd recommend Sanwa for your buttons and JLF for your stick. You can either choose 24mm or 30mm buttons. (I use 30mm) and use the 24's for other options. You can even pickup player 1 and 2 buttons for authenticity. Trust me on this...
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    Pocketsnes V7.0

    call me "duh" but i dont see a download link anywhere? :( Is it worth the upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0? Is there any way to be able to use the A, X buttons instead of the Y,B ones? I dont see an option to configure the buttons in the snes emu.
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    Mame4All 2.5 - Is There Any Way To Create Save States?

    bump, good question!!
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    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Charging Adapter

    I want to add a mini usb on the top right so i can charge/data transfer using that instead. Are there any diagrams or guides for that?
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    Caanoo Exposed :)

    So what does this USB do? plug in external stick or what? off topic, but how do you hook up a mini usb to the Wiz to charge/data?
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    Rapidfire/save States For Emulators

    I know forsure the nes one does have rapidfire but is there a way to get it for say SNES? I think mame has it and GBA has it too. IS there a way to make a savestate for the MAME emulator?
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    Overclcok Wiz To 800 Mhz

    I can do 800mhz with mine as well but cant really notice the difference sometimes? After you overclock, do you need to reset the emu? Is there a program that allows you to overclock as soon as you turn it on or do all the emulators have overclocking abilities?
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    Need Help With Pac-Man

    so which romset do i need to get then? maybe 1/5 of the ones i have now work :( I have the full set (5dvd's) from about 8 years ago :(
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    Mame4All 2.5

    dumb question but how do i get out of a game once im playing it and go to save it or change buttons around or even get out of the emulator? thx :) NVM: L+R+SEL+START