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    Ok so you sign up for Blockbuster's Online service with a 2 week (14 day) free trial. By doing this you have completed the offer and in 10 days at most you earn credit for doing so. You cancel after the credit is gained but before the 2 week trial is up. You earned credit and payed nothing. Get...
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    The key words are "of sorts" meaning that it doesn't fit the definition exactly, and it is plain to me that it doesn't fit the word "fraudulent" or "losing the money they paid in" because if you do it right, you never put money in.
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    Ok, I found a very good article that explains a lot about how this system works. I think that some will find this very interesting and informative (klown). This is the entire article and it is a bit lengthy but it proves my point rather well: The Free iPod Offer, and Why It Isn't a Scam. By...
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    I know it sounds like its gotta be a scam and that there is no way it can work, but if you just click on the article, or go to the and just look around and read some of the information you will see that this is not a scam and that I absolutely have no intention in...
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    Thanx for showing me how smart you are Klown!!! You obviously are a lazy SOB and wont even do any form of research to prove me wrong. I BOW TO YOU O MIGHTY KLOWN!! In reply to your pyramid scheme comment, eat this:
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    May I ask where you get this information about 1 in 10 people? I am simply trying to find people who are interested in helping me out. Maybe if I would've posted this in the General Talk forums I would worthy of your pathetic name-calling, but I do believe this is in the Off-Topic Discussion...
  7. K Referral These guys are the most reliable people I know. Please research before criticizing.
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    So Gratis Networks has set up a site called that is giving away your choice of an iPod mini, a 15GB iPod, or a $250 gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store. All you have to do is sign up, click on one of their offers, and then convince five other people to do the same. We...
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    Would Sega Saturn Be Possible?

    Actually Sega Saturn is fairly easy to emulate. Team Bazooka Joe is currently working on one and they said its about 95% done and should be released within this week! :o It's suppose to support all games 100% speed and music.
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    The Playstation Meeting 2004!!

    PSP is said to get 10 hours on gaming.
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    Wait. Didn't Rlyeh enter those emulators into the GP32Spain contest, which states that the emulators must be released publicly?
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    I'll Pay For Full Speed SNES Emulation

    I have a feeling most of us would pay something for a full speed SNES emu.
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    Apple II emu? Waste of time?

    That would so cool to code with basic directly on the GP32
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    plz ban counter

    You might as well be speaking Saudi Arabian cause I honestly had no clue about what you just said.
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    Woah! Nice suprise!

    So true. So true.
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    Blimey - just reached 1000 posts!

    Damn, I've been here longer than everyone who has posted and still only got 100 something.
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    Ps2 emulation

    You'll need a modchip. If your an expert at soldering get the DMS3 or the Massiah 2. If your not get a no-solder modchip(that does involve discswapping).
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    what games do you accutally play on ngpc

    Hear no evil! See no evil! JK You should try Metal Slug on Neo-Geo like generalnmx said; it's a great game.
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    GP32 In EGM!!!

    EGM is like THE biggest videogame magazine in the US!
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    GP32 In EGM!!!

    On page 28 of the September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly they write about the GP32! Heres what they say: The Outsider: Meet the GP32, the Kewl Kids' Nerdy New Toy Hardly a contender in the handheld wars (for starters, it's available only in Korea), the Game Park GP32 is nevertheless...