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  1. ibisum

    Pandora Go 1.4 on OpenPandora?

    Hi. Has anyone gotten Go 1.4.x installed on the OpenPandora, yet, wrapped up in a .PND and so on and so forth .. or .. is it something I should be requesting be included in the Dev Tools.PND/blah somehow?    I'd love to build the ipfs ( client for my two Pandorae, but it...
  2. ibisum

    CodeBlocks git borked?

    Is the git onboard with CodeBlocks broken somehow?  This is what happens when I try to use the onboard git to clone ptitSeb's glshim project:   tor-openpandora:/media/mmcblk1/hak$ git clone glshim.ptitSeb Cloning into 'glshim.ptitSeb'... fatal: unable to...
  3. ibisum

    Port of the MOAI game SDK under way ..

    .. so I managed to get MOAI built on the OP.  In case you don't know, MOAI is awesome: I've got a bin built, but am having some issues, maybe someone has some insight? tor@tor-op:/media/mmcblk1/hak/moai-dev/samples/anim/anim-fat-curve $ LIBGL_FB=1...
  4. ibisum

    Port Request - crrcsim

    Hi, Can maybe one of you porting boffins have a go at porting CRRCSIM to the Pandora, using the glshim approach? I've managed to build it (on the Pandora, took about 30 minutes) with the glshim and glues libs .. but I get a blank screen on startup, and...
  5. ibisum

    Release Beta: Oricutron for Pandora (1.0.9)

    I've made a new version of Oricutron for Pandora, available for download here: (Previous version available here:)     This includes the latest updates from the main Oricutron sources .. see...
  6. ibisum

    Take down the links for buying the OpenPandora?

    Hi gang, I've been doing my (little) bit to promote the Pandora all over the webo'sphere lately, and one of the things that *keeps* coming up whenever I mention the Pandora is "but you can't actually buy one, and when you try to buy one you get this dodgy page that makes the whole project look...
  7. ibisum

    I'm too lazy. Make me some SD cards ..

    Hi OP'erators, Lately I've been yearning to get back to the Pandora as a user and not just hacking around with it .. but I realize that in my old age I'm just too lazy to do all the work to get an SD card set up with everything.  Sheesh. So, I'd like to fund someone doing it for me!  Yay!   :)...
  8. ibisum

    Pandora Video out to HDMI, somehow?

    I've just recently gotten my Lapdock setup working with an MK802 pc-on-a-stick:   (Bigger pic here:   MOAI running on it: (   So now I'm wondering about how I could get a Pandora rig to it .. I already have the EXT...
  9. ibisum

    Has jwz solved the OpenGL problem?

    Some exciting news - jwz ported xscreensaver to iOS: He did it by implementing OpenGL 1.3 calls in OpenGLES1.1. Does this mean we now have an easier solution for doing OpenGL conversions to Pandora? Who knows? I'm...
  10. ibisum

    Hey, whats OpenPandora doing on this page? Doesn't seem fair for our lovely humble machine to be being compared to such stellar gear, but it is very curious that its being included in the comparison list!
  11. ibisum

    The most annoying thing about my Pandora right now ..

    .. is the little rattle that occurs when I'm playing, of the screen. It just irks me so much lately. It appears my hinge has gotten a little loose or something, because its impossible to hit a button and not have that rattle transfer through. Anyone fixed it yet? Know what I mean? I'd love...
  12. ibisum

    Release Here is a PND for LOAD81

    I mentioned this yesterday, but it got lost a little: http://boards.openpa...nment-codakido/ MODS: Maybe you can delete that old thread for me? The project got a namechange in the meantime .. ;) LOAD81 is a very cute little environment for writing and running LUA scripts with some...
  13. ibisum

    Use Kickstarter to make the perfect Pandora?

    I think the core crew ought to seriously consider the positives of using Kickstarter to fund the next round of Pandora evolution. The fight to make the Pandora a reality for a lot of people is, still, clearly being fought; but would it not be better to have it being won in a proper arena?
  14. ibisum

    Release PORT: FlipClock for Pandora

    I ported FlipClock to the Pandora this afternoon, just for the hell of it .. Get the PND file here: Screenshot: Its a nice little alarm clock that has...
  15. ibisum

    A legal Mega-download of ROM's for the Pandora

    This thread here: Was recently closed down pretty hard, for good reason since it discussed the idea of having a monster ROM archive ready for Pandora users to download and use. Well, *This* thread is about the idea of having a monster download with a lot of emulators pre-configured and...
  16. ibisum

    "View New Content" .. Doesnt' quite work right.

    On the old board, I could use "View New Content" as a sort of Inbox for new activity .. but on the new board, this isn't really feasible because it doesn't show me new content since I last logged in/checked "Mark board read", but instead just shows me the last 24 hours of news. This sort of...