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    Release Maze

    My very first Lua game! Sources are on my repo on GitHub: History: ====== v0.1.1: build 01: --------------------- Better UI's release: see v0.1.0: build 01: --------------------- Initial release.
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    Release BlackVoxel

    Here is BlackVoxel. Here is the official website of BlackVoxel. Here is the manual for the BlackVoxel's cubes. It explains how to craft blocks/where are them, how to use them and gives a short description of them. (It's quite different from Minecraft.) In this version, I fixed some sound bugs...
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    Release SuperTux2

    Here is SuperTux 2. This is a pretty hard game. History: ====== v0.5.1-415-g035128fee: build 06: -------------------------------------------- Levels with lightmap are now displaying well v0.5.1-415-g035128fee: build 05: -------------------------------------------- Should now save configs...
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    Release Savage Wheels

    Here is Savage Wheels. If you like the game, you can donate to the original author on his home page: History log: ========= v1.6.0-linux-x86: build 01: ---------------------------------- Initial release.
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    Release Metanet Hunter

    Here is Metanet Hunter and here is the official site of Metanet Hunter. I did try to contact the developer to ask if I can publish it but I don't succeed, so I can remove it if he didn't agree. History log: ========= v1.0.0: build 02 -------------------- Fix a bug and force fullscreen...
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    Release Sable

    Here is Sable, a small 3D game reminicent of Afterburner or Space Harrier. Sable don't works on CC models ! History log: ========= v1.0.0: build 01 -------------------- Initial release ! I will try to add C4A support later.
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    Release Sienna

    Here is Sienna. Sienna is an action game. History log: ========== v1.0.0: build 01: --------------------- (actually v1.0b build 01) Initial release
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    Release Bobobot

    Here is bobobot.   A screenshot:    History log: ========== v0.0.preview3: build 2: Added real fullscreen  :o   ^_^ v0.0.preview3: build 1: Initial release. No real fullscreen  :unsure:   :( ...
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    Release Exobius 0

    Here is Exobius 0. Website: Six screenshots: History log: ========== v0.3.0 : build 01: Initial release.
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    Release XInvaders 3D: A first game from Loic2003

    Here is XInvader 3D.   History log: =========   v1.3.6: build 05 -------------------- c4a fixed !!!!!! v1.3.6: build 04 -------------------- Added c4a ! Fixed another bug with the loading of the sounds v1.3.6: build 03...