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  1. ingoreis

    LemmingsSDL for Linux Desktop

    Maybe you give Lix a Try..a very good Lemmings Clone ;)
  2. ingoreis

    F(x)tec Pro¹ - Slider Smartphone with physical keyboard

    I want one too.. ..for me the only Problem is to Pay with CreditCard. I am totaly against Creditcards and its my Opionion. Bank Card, enough for me. A Creditcard is for me dangerous because maybe i buy too many Things where i not have the Money for. The other Thing is that i dont...
  3. ingoreis

    Contributing to PyraOS

    Ah i see ..thank you both ..good explained :)
  4. ingoreis

    Contributing to PyraOS

    Question: Would be this "Omap Tiler" Function a big Problem to port other OS in the Future for the Pyra? I see even Devs fight with it and i have the Fear that Tiler will make porting other Linux OS or Android very difficult. Or will be a simple Kernel Patch released with it then? Sorry..i do...
  5. ingoreis

    Gaming smartphone from Snail Games

    Today i was on the Post Office for taking my ne Phone but they did not gave it to me because it have no German CE Label. It will be send home and then i have to try to get part of my Money back. Its a shame because everywhere i can see...only Touchscreensmartphones or too Big Phones. I just want...
  6. ingoreis

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    I am Satisfied with most preinstalled Software. -Gigolo...i used it for mounting my Nas -Nub Configurator...i must reset my Nubs often with it -CpuSpeed...for Minecraft and othere Tests very important -Ristretto...hey this little Viewer is realy okay for most a MustHave for...
  7. ingoreis

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    I would whish an Option with Gui where you can find out if you have one of the Few 1GB Storage 1GHZ Pandoras ..and when you have one then Partitionating the other 512MB as second Partition for using. There are a few 1GB Storage 1GHZ Pandoras out there ;)...
  8. ingoreis

    Pandora toolchain for Linux 2019

    I like the Idea to compile Pandora Software on a High End PC :) But when you release Anything...please make a Howto for Noobs like me ;)
  9. ingoreis

    Gaming smartphone from Snail Games

    I ordered one Much W1 Phone with Octacore.It should be arrive here next Weeks. Maybe i Post some Photos here then. The Price was realy good with 159Dollars. :)
  10. ingoreis

    Microsoft Surface GO

    10 Inch????...Are the Pockets in the Jeans every Year bigger too? This ist not "go" or "mobile" for me. Even a cheap Tablet is smaller than this. :p I want portable Devices like Samsung T-699 or the Xperia-Play. ;)
  11. ingoreis

    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access... ?

    Yes and its your Home Network :) Your Home Network is normaly secured with an Firewall on your Router. When you use that Device on other Networks you can simply setup a Password. My Choice was for using @home :)
  12. ingoreis

    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access... ?

    I have no Problem with "no Password" Every User who want a Password can simply add one. The only Thing i suggest is: Inform the Users and give them the Command which simply set a Password when they realy want one. This Idea ist good because many Users are angry...password here...passwords...
  13. ingoreis

    Huawei vs the USA and their lapdogs

    First i thought: Huawai without Google? Wow maybe the Phones be get an Opensource Android like LineageOS. Huawai without Windows? Okay maybe the Users will get finaly a real Linux on the Phones. The Opensource Alternatives are here. But with that ARM Desaster that Huawai do not more get ARM...
  14. ingoreis

    RetroFlag GPi Case - A 'GBZero' that isn't janky

    Thats right..but i want that inside an GBC/ClassicGameboy Case and with a good Display :)
  15. ingoreis

    Boxed Game List

    Wow Congratz..thank you for the Information that you found one :)
  16. ingoreis

    Not much text here. Just a video.

    What Pyra use Screws? I heard about them in somehow in the Past. Where Screws not that tiny little Things wo hold the Machines and Electronicals on another Parts? nearly all Phones are simply glued :) (little Sarcasm Joke..hope my english was good enough for Imagine it)...
  17. ingoreis

    Future of the CPU board?

    Maybe we can make an Hybrid Board with Arm and X86? Its a nice Idea with 2 Cpus and Arm is the Main Cpu and X86 will be used in Qemu for "Fullspeed Virtualisation" :) Windows XP we come I think this will not work...its just an Idea. Like an Arm/X86 Hybrid Board And the X86 Cpu is the...
  18. ingoreis

    RetroFlag GPi Case - A 'GBZero' that isn't janky

    I still wait for a Raspi Zero Gameboy where i can use additional original GB/GBC/GBA Modules.
  19. ingoreis

    1st batch Premium Pandora - No display at all

    Hi,i am shure he did not forget your Pandora. In the Moment he have realy much to do with the Pyra as you can see in the new Youtube Video here from the News Thread: Its good that you write here in the Forum because @EvilDragon maybe give you a little Backinformation about your Pandora. The...
  20. ingoreis

    Quick update and summary

    Yay i do like that Clear make the Lightshow perfect for me :)