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  1. God Ginrai

    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    Gotta say that this light-up logo is getting less and less appealing as things move onward. As someone who never wanted it in the first place, watching it go from a plastic logo as part of the back, to a gaudy metal stencil, now to plastic that you are applying to the system is honestly...
  2. God Ginrai

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Yea, I definitely agree that we don't want that happening. I think it should be possible for us to get painted cases that don't have issues like this, but I definitely understand that concern, because that would definitely not be a good thing to have happen to a gaming handheld. As an early...
  3. God Ginrai

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Just to weigh in with my 2 cents: We're not going to want the Pyra with the current level of software anyway, so there should be no reason why EvilDragon can't spend some time testing paints. That only gives ToastBucket and others more time to get the software working properly, which is not a...
  4. God Ginrai

    Is temper coming to Pyra?

    Consider yourself corrected: -God Ginrai
  5. God Ginrai

    Contributing to PyraOS

    The original reason for the internal microSD slot was so that we could boot our main OS from there if we didn't want to stress the NAND, so it should definitely be possible to boot from it. I'm not saying this should be top priority, (as things like getting the basic hardware and windowing...
  6. God Ginrai

    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    Same reason we needed GINGE: Cave Story. Seriously, tho'. There will always be stuff that we had on previous hardware that we have no way to get on current hardware due to: Lack of source Lack of competent devs who also wish to port said software And because of this, a compatibility layer...
  7. God Ginrai

    A case of carbonara

    Why would you toss perfectly functional coasters? :P -God Ginrai
  8. God Ginrai

    An interesting e-ink screen...

    If we can figure out how to fit this in the top of the lid, I would much prefer this over that LED and Pyra logo. We would also need to figure out how to hook this up in addition to the main screen. I would definitely be interested in writing and using software made to take advantage of this...
  9. God Ginrai

    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    I know this is a fairly late comment, but you might be interested in a bouncer: (if that Matrix solution didn't appeal to you) -God Ginrai
  10. God Ginrai

    The Final Revision

    You say that like more Monty Python is a bad thing... :cool: -God Ginrai
  11. God Ginrai

    Ask the Dragon!

    He was trying to show some tact by not mentioning the name. You have instead decided to initiate discussions about someone who can most kindly be described as a trigger topic for most users here while also linking to a highly emotionally-charged website that contains a lot of misguided slander...
  12. God Ginrai

    The Final Revision

    @Askarus @Grench Rather than swapping keys... Why don't we just make the software respond to (<L Alt>|<R Alt>)+<Tab>? I know Windows supports both Alt keys by default for this function. I'm actually surprised to learn it is different elsewhere. -God Ginrai
  13. God Ginrai

    An update of the waiting game

    Oh, I completely forgot about the SD readers. (and the fact that the 4G modem was on the mainboard and not the CPU board) A comparison shot would be neat. -God Ginrai
  14. God Ginrai

    An update of the waiting game

    Can you elaborate on this? What exactly does the Pyra mainboard have on it that the GPD Win is missing? Also, I was under the impression that the mainboard was actually fairly simple due to the vast majority of the components being concentrated on the CPU board. When did this change? -God Ginrai
  15. God Ginrai

    Your requests for Pyra videos

    Wait, really? Can you elaborate? Yes, I'm quite aware. However, this feature didn't come for quite a while, and that only brought up a way to kill apps. It wasn't actually an overlay that you could get over any of your running apps. Plus, that was only in DE mode. In MM, the Pandora...
  16. God Ginrai

    Your requests for Pyra videos

    "This is useful because there is an issue with my device" should never be a reason for a feature. It makes much more sense for the button to bring up an overlay where you can do pertinent things like kill your running app, tweak particularly important settings on the fly, (like turn wifi and BT...
  17. God Ginrai

    Your requests for Pyra videos

    That's an issue. This really needs to be fixed... T_T I figured, but I wanted to see how environments that were not Mate looked on the device. That's unfortunate. Hopefully this changes. The Pandora button was pretty useless entirely because it was never tied to some ubiquitous function...
  18. God Ginrai

    Your requests for Pyra videos

    I'd like to see these: Boot Process Proof that the GPU drivers are working w/ X Ease of use to change DE/wms. (Maybe try Enlightenment and xfce?) Some game that uses the nubs Command and Conquer: Red Alert (or maybe Red Alert 2?) using Wine+Exagear What the Pyra button does. (I really hope...
  19. God Ginrai


    I'm not expecting polished firmware. I had a GP2X and Pandora both from launch, so I understand what the early adoption software and firmware is like. But I sure as hell am expecting firmware that works well enough for me to enjoy my device. We've seen very little of anything that has gone on...
  20. God Ginrai


    Some additional reading material regarding this: TL; DR: CSS has been shown to be "more" turing-complete than C. However, that does not...