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    Caanoo - The New Gph Console?

    Not for me either. Not in any game controller for that matter, I've always found rumble in gamepads etc useless. It's supposed to add realism. But the only game where this would actually be achived would be some surreal 18+ game where you for some reason are touching gone-wild vibrators with a...
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    I often talk to myself. Is that creepy?

    I often talk to myself. Is that creepy?
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    Caanoo - The New Gph Console?

    Speakers on the back ... I don't think that's too bad, if it was "for a good purpose". I mean, see, the wiz is a hand-held device, for which the main reason is that you can carry it around. Only assholes play with speakers instead of headphones in public, and on some train rides I have been in...
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    .net Micro To Be Open Sourced

    The nice thing about this .NET micro framework is, from what I remember, that the memory footprint is ~ 300 KB lowest, unlike the compact framework with several MB. And it can be ported to be used either with OS, or completely without an OS - that would be interesting for some small devices...