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    Nvidia Ion

    hey NVIDIA Ion Platform Energizes Atom Into A Premium PC Experience I thought some might be interested in this, makes me think of the Pandora II, hehe. cyas
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    Gameboy Cartridge/edge Connector

    hey I have been meaning to make a Gameboy cartridge reader for some time now to dump my games, but I kinda forgot about it since I never figured how to go about making a cartridge connector. Anyhows I thought it might be a nice idea to ask on these forums :). Hmm, I remember I did look for...
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    Xfce In A Framebuffer

    hey After recently doing a system upgrade in archlinux, I noticed the following message. QUOTE ==> xfce can run on top of a framebuffer. However, for most users it is ==> best to install xorg as an x-server. Please install either xorg-xinit ==> as minimal environment or the xorg meta package...
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    What The?

    hey Don't these two posts contradict each other? Hmm, I'm also sick of seeing all these locked threads :X. I mean, I think it's okay to lock a thread if people start abusing each other and what not, but not because someone doesn't like the discussion or whatever. Most noticeably the one...
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    Emulating The R4300i

    hey Well I've recently been looking into making an N64 emulator, and just started on an R4300i interpreter. Anyhows I wouldn't expect much just yet, this is the first time I've done anything with a MIPS processor, and the same goes for Binary Translation and Dynamic Recompilation. So I have no...
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    Retroemu Winter Coding Competition 2008

    hey I thought some may be interested in this RetroEmu Winter Coding Competition 2008 I just ran into. BTW, I would prefer 2nd, 3rd or 4th prize, hehe. cyas
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    What's with TINXL, also anyone porting Hedgewars?

    hey I was just wondering what's the go with TINXL, is it still in development? I was thinking of quickly putting together something if it wasn't, but nevermind. If TINXL was nolonger active, I'd look at making a server where IRC users can connect so folks not using the Pandora can logon and...
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    The forums are back!

    hey Just wanted to alert everyone that the forums seem to be going again! Hmm, I don't think anyone has posted about this yet anyhows. edit Just noticed there is already a post about this :\. another edit I'm not sure how long those forums will be back up for, already they seem slow...
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    Congratulations To Craig And The Crew

    hey I just wanted to quickly congratulate Craig and the crew for hitting the preorder milestone and such, hopefully things follow through okay for the launch. edit: I just wanted to mention that I think that even now you have all made an outstanding achievement. BTW, sometimes I think of this...
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    Pre-order Problems

    hey Firstly, I never received the newsletter. After a bit I just checked the website and found it was already up :\. Is there any way we can find out if we are part of the first batch? Next, it never asked for my delivery address? but my billing address / credit card...
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    Pandora Pandora File Archive Bug

    hey I was just looking at the Pandora File Archive and found a bug, where if you click the Switch to Directory View Mode link it lists the GP2X archives, and from here if you then click the Switch to Traditional View Mode it takes ya back to the GP2X archives instead. Well I just had a look as...
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    Currency Conversion And Such

    hey I just tried converting the currency of the prices listed of the pandora homepage to AUD, and I am now confused as what I will be expected to pay. Using I got the following figures... 199.00 GBP = 424.424 AUD 330.00 USD = 359.306 AUD 212.00 EUR = 358.034 AUD So which is...
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    Anyone Porting Abuse?

    hey I was just wondering if anyone was porting abuse? I think it's opensource and freeware now, so I might have a look. Hmm, I think it would be pretty cool with touch screen :), and I never played it much before either. cyas
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    What About The Doom Games?

    hey I was wondering if anyone is porting these? If not I might have a go as I have all the original doom games :). I might just try port prboom or whatever on linux. edit I'm guessing it would be on gp2x, so might look at that port if it's opensource also. I just had a really quick look at...
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    Some Pixels...

    hey -> -> Here is something I pixeled based on someones avatar ya might know, although I didn't capture their facial features very well :\. Anyhows dunno if I'm done with it yet, hopefully I can make it look better or something. -> -> Hmm, since this website don't have no zoom script...
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    Things I've Ran Into For Devs

    hey Well I actually ran into these ages and ages ago, but just ran into them again just before. It's just myOSX11-GL, myOSSDL-GL and myOSX-less, hope yas find it handy anyhows. cyas
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    Who's Doing What?

    hey Well I was just interested in whos got a dev board and what they are actually doing? So if you have a dev board or know someone who has then please tell us what you/they are doing, I am interested in everyones contributions. Anyhows I hope you all are making good use of them ;). So yea...
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    Threetab Gui System

    hey Well I just come up with a new concept for a pandora GUI and navigation, which I call Threetab navigation :). 1. Select software/service category (Games, Emus, Web, Wifi, Stats, TINXL, Storage). 2. Select sub-category (List contents of a directory or whatever). 3. View info on filmtab...