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    Stupid Questions About Psp Firmware.

    Hi, haven't been here for a while. I recently ordered a Japanese (v1.0) PSP from ebay. (this one to be exact.) due to xboxmodchips selling out. I have some questions about the firmware updates. 1: If I buy U.S. Copies of some original launch games (thinking about wipeout, lumines & Hot shots...
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    Worrying Paypal...

    This email I've just sent to them explains my worries: The piss take is, like ebay, there's no chance of a human actually responding. So what do I do. I can't access my money as my account has been temporaraly restiricted and I don't want to fill out that form. :angry:
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    Doom3 Classic There's a team of modders remaking the first episode of doom 1, it's looking really good so far. And they're changing the monsters behaiour & models, so thay act and look more like the original. The team seem to be very experienced and determined to...
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    Bnc Monitor Cable

    My monitor has these inputs on the back: Should I get something like this 5 BNC Monitor Cable? I hear the image quality is much crisper, has anyone any experience with this? btw: I have a Philips 201B 21" screen.
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    Contacting Ebay

    Does anyone know how I can contact an actual human being at ebay. I.E. A telephone number or an email address that won't give an automated reply. I managed to navigate to one of the customer support email addresses, and asked my question about closing an old account named 'pubjoe' (for which I...
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    Rip Off Computer Shops

    The other day a mate of mine phoned me up to ask if I could have a look at why his computer crashed. I said I could in a few days, but in the meantime he took it to a local, small computer shop (who had 4 months previously, carried out a motherboard "repair" on his PC). Now, get this, the PC...
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    Unbranded/cheap Ram? (1gb)

    I hope some of you knowledgable chaps might help me... I was wondering whether these sticks of 1GB unbranded PC3200 would be any good: ebay link I need to get some new ram and have heard that problems can be had with unbranded ram. Does this mean there is just a chance that I might get a dud...
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    Lets Form A Frienship Circle

    Come on everyone. Smile on your brother. Lets make a stand of peace in these times of hatred.
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    OK, it took me a long time to actually give up on this website. A lot of the original fans stopped keeping track long ago. I can remember the days of first discovering emulation with this site. Back when system 16 had just come out and I had the joy of playing the arcade Space Harrier...
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    Spirited Away - Just Seen It

    I watched this film last night and it is absolute class. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any similar quality anime films? ...I've only seen a few before: Streetfighter, Akira.
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    Broadband F***ers

    A couple of weeks ago me, my girlfriend and my son all moved in with my Mum as we got ourselves into a little bit of shit with money. (not the most ideal situation I know) Now... I used to be on freeserve broadband and my Mum is with tiscali. So I looked through freeserve's (10 pages of!!!)...
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    Dreamcast Stuff

    Just got a dreamcast from gamestation (£25 plus £9 for SF3 3rd Strike - I know B) ). ...I just had to trade in Mariokart DD, Pikmin & Silent Hill 2 :) I was just wondering as quite a few people here have dreamcasts, are there any good forums or sites anywhere near these standards. Oh, and...
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    Doom3 Beta2

    Has anyone played recently the Doom3 beta, I know its old now but there's a beta2 out, basically making it run a lot easier and a few homemade (I think) levels added. ...Runs surprisingly well on my machine (ti4200 + 1600XP) Most of the game is really smooth but goes jumpy ocasionally. Fucking...
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    Mario World Editor (lunar Magic)

    You may want to check this out, looks really easy to use and possible to add your own graphics, not sure how far you could take this (ie: creating an almost original game) haven't tried it much myself yet.
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    Has anyone played the demo of Painkiller? If not I suggest you download it. Theres a lot of doom lovers here so I think you'll all like it, it's refreshing to play a new FPS thats back to basics zombie blasting (Most FPS's at the moment try to be too clever and end up far too over-complicated)...
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    Dizzy petition

    Theres a clip of a potential 3D Dizzy game from Blitz games here. You can sign a 'bring back dizzy' petition and send them any feedback. I sent them a couple of ideas myself: ..What do you guys think?
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    Linux help?

    I have a friend who is trying out linux (Redhat). He is having some troubles installing a broadband modem. The drivers for the modem are shell-based and I think he's having problems navigating round the hard-drive within the shell. (ie: choosing 'C:\Drivers\Modem' something like that. Is this...
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    How to zip multiple files

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I've been trying to find a way of zipping all of my snes roms individually. I've done countless google searches for things like 'multiple compression' and I keep getting instructions on how to compress multiple files into one zip file. But I want to...
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    GP32 for sale!!

    I really had to think long and hard about this but I need the money desperately, sorry, It's been great and I'll probably buy another when I'm a bit better off. Anyway heres the ebay link: GP32-MINT-BOXED & 128MB SMC & Spare Screen
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    *Check em out!!!* My ROM DVD covers

    Here you go Skysnapper. Click the image for a high quality jpeg. It's not completely perfect, there are slight boxes around the stars but it should print fine. P.S. Just incase you give a shit, I put a LOT of work into these: I found I scan of an old NES poster I thought I'd use as the back...