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  1. crow_riot

    hardware scaling - mmap fails?

    I'm trying to get hardware scaling working and followed the guide from the wiki, but when i use mmap in my code, mmap fails by returning MAP_FAILED. from my understandings, it should be enough to do the following first in my launch script ofbset -fb /dev/fb1 -pos 0 0 -size 800 480 -mem...
  2. crow_riot

    [ New Pandora Use ] flashenv

    Hey, just want to announce my entry to this competition: flashenv get it at the repo: download It's in the spirit of apkenv (thus the name) and allows you to play flash games without the need of a browser. It uses the flashplayer included in the current firefox release pnd and some...
  3. crow_riot

    Glitch - Public Domain

    Just wanted to share this with you, because the biggest problem for me mostly is getting nice art to make some game. The Team behind Glitch (never heard of this before) has made their whole assets and code public domain:
  4. crow_riot

    Emscripten - Quick HowTo

    So ... Steven Craft asked how I've setup Emscripten on my machine ... Here are some quick notes: I'm using Emscripten in Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7 64 Bit, so everything applies to this... and well all I've done is following the tutorial, with one exception, the toolchains to download are...
  5. crow_riot

    Raspberry Pi

    So i went ahead an ordered a raspberry pi just yesterday. I'll hopefully use it to replace my old xbox 1, where i was using xbmc mainly in the last few years. I wonder if anyone has some good tips what i could do with it else?
  6. crow_riot

    [Applimulator ;)] apkenv + apkenv.ui

    THIRD RELEASE see my post here: plants vs. zombie bugfix: -- hey just to make it public now ... i'm working...
  7. crow_riot

    Pandora mentioned in Making Games Magazine

    Just got the new issue of the Making Games magazine. Lots of stuff about the recent big kickstarter projects and on a side-note, the pandora was mentioned (article is about Ouya). have attached a picture of the side-note :)   @mods: if you think it's not appropriate to post the picture, feel...
  8. crow_riot

    ltrace anyone?

    just asking if anyone has a working ltrace binary for the pandora?
  9. crow_riot

    SDL_INIT_VIDEO fails when launched from remote login

    Well this bugs me for too long now, so i'm asking for some input: when I launch an SDL application from a remote login shell, SDL's video backend system cannot be initialized, it always fails. Is there a reason for that and even better something i can do to workaround this problem? It really...
  10. crow_riot

    right shoulder button dead

    oh well i just fired up fba for a round of street fighter and i realized that my right shoulder button has stopped working. it still clicks but the input is not recognized. input tester is also failing - and funnily it needs R+L to exit... also tried a reboot didnt help. my panda iw not...
  11. crow_riot

    USB wifi - how to?

    well linux noob asking for help ;-) i've got an usb wifi adapter (the one that works for the caanoo) and it's said that it's Ralink RT2870/3070 ... how do i get wifi over that dongle? are the drivers in the firmware?
  12. crow_riot

    HF6 update problems

    been on hf5 all the time (for long now) and just because some pnds didnt show up in the menu i flashed hf6. first i tried the pnd for updating, but using this just ruined wifi - the wifi module could not be loaded anymore. so everything worked fine during flash progress, then i've setup my...
  13. crow_riot

    fba - omap, cyclone and more

    i've been porting fba to the pandora recently and while doing so, some problems/questions 1) i'm been using parts of notaz gpsp port to get direct access to the omap hardware scaling capabilities. i wanted to add "real" fullscreen with all thos ugly stretch issues, but that does not work...
  14. crow_riot

    Spam Reduction

    In the last days, spam seems to get out of control. Is there something that can be done about that? I was regularly reporting spam posts when i found them, but now as it's even too much to even report it. i once wanted to suggest to give me the rights to delete posts, but i think that would...
  15. crow_riot

    Guitars On Fire

    Hey, Guitars On Fire is now available on the Caanoo, too. It's an adaption of the version previously available for the Wiz with slightly improved controls. Guitars On Fire itself is a Frets on Fire clone and lets you play Frets on Fire compatible songs! Binary download Source download have...
  16. crow_riot

    Audiorace - Caanoo

    The first port of Audiorace for the Caanoo is here! This is a quick port of the latest Pandora version with enhanced/improved track analysis algorithm. Get it at the archive. There's still room for improvements (g-sensor and rumble and other effects), but I wanted to get that out. At...
  17. crow_riot

    Low Power Mode Problem (With Gles)

    a user of audiorace reported a problem, when being at the startscreen and then setting the pandora to low power mode and returning back, the application stalls. can anyone explain what happens to the system when the low power mode gets turned on and how to deal with this especially with...
  18. crow_riot

    Nubs Joystick Mode - Best Practice?

    in audiorace, i set the nub to joystick mode at the very beginning in the startup script, and reset them back to their original values afterward. this - from what i've encountered - only works if the app closes correctly, if it crashes, not. is there any other way to safely set the nubs to the...
  19. crow_riot

    Release Audiorace

    Hi, here it is - Audiorace for the Pandora! download audiorace at the archive took me a bit longer than expected, because I've rewritten the whole audio analyzation part, added a gstreamer audio backend, added keyboard support for hiscore name entering and nub support for ship...
  20. crow_riot

    Gles Driver Bug

    today i got my pandora (yeh!) and i immediately started to continue working on audiorace... while doing so, i noticed, that the longer the track goes, the uglier the track gets texture mapped. i've done some testings, and i came to the conclusion, that this somehow must be a bug in the current...