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    Hello, Just One Question

    I've been away quite a while, i've not been looking at because I was satisfied with the way my gp2x was running. Recently, my mp3 player broke, and now im looking to get a new sd card and using my gp2x. My question is: Can someone tell me which player is best for running music in the...
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    Some Questions

    Some questions: I'm currently on firmware 2.0, i've bought a 4gb sd card and is incompatible. Question: Does newer firmwares support more sd cards? Another question: I've been away from gp2x since january. What is worth downloading between those times? (Any and everything, I want to be updated)
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    Urgent Help Needed

    Is there anyone in the Philadelphia area that knows how to repair my battery terminal? Almost everyday my battery terminal would be out of place and then i would have to use a fork or something similar to fix it. One day one of the recievers popped off and my gp2x was dead ever since then. Is...
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    Serious Battery Problem

    I was adjusting my battery contact because a battery was loose, this happens pretty regularly. However, this time one of the contacts for the negative ends fell off. This is really bad. Does anyone know if this is repairable? My gp2x won't turn on
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    I Really Want To Get My Headphone Jack Fixed

    Hello, is there anyone in the US that can repair my headphone port? mine has been broken for about six months and i wish I could use it again i've tried resoldering two times, and nothing came from it I still have the headphone port inside the system If not in US, where should I ship it...
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    Hello, I have been trying for a while to autorun both energysaver and gmenu2x. If someone knows how can you please tell me or post the code please?
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    Changing Skins To 2.0

    I have a skin, but it's not 2.0 compatible, which new files do i have to include in order to make it 2.0 compatible
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    A Quick Question About Batteries

    I know that 2000 mAh batteries and 2500 mAh batteries will power the gp2x for different periods of time. But what I want to know if it is directly proportional to the mAh? Or does the 2500 mAh have less stress on the batteries, and as a result even longer battery time that is proportional to the...
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    Sorry, I searched the forums and got no info, this question was asked before but wasn't answered. I'm trying to run metal slug 1 with the gngneo encrypted gfx mod. I have 11 bios files in my rom directory. I get far enough to a screen where blue bars are loading, but it hangs on a blue bar each...
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    Alternating Games

    How about a feature built into the firmware to switch all controls to which would be the second controller in an emulator? This would make the system more fun by having any game with alternating turns to be played, how about start select L and stick push or something similar to change players
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    Boot Screens?

    Ok, so we have customizable boot sounds, how long until it's possible to change that green boot screen? How about a boot screen competition once it's possible
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    Possible Brick

    i've followed the instructions on how to upgrade firmware from the thread pinned on this board after i do that, after it says upgrading firmware, i see green screen that has firmware v.2.0.0 but it hangs right ther i think my unit's bricked so i went to the unbricking guide, i didn't try...
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    Fat And Fat32

    does anyone know the difference? I forget which one my sd card uses but does anyone know the difference anyway
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    Surface To Solder On

    on what kind of surface can i solder on? is the kitchen table ok?
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    Help Opening Gp2x Case

    first of all my headphone jack fell in, which is bad the top left bottom left screws came out pretty easily, which is good the top right and bottom right i've been working on for over an hour and won't come out, bad It appears that we can forget about the joystick problem because GPH did a very...
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    Lost My Joystick Cap

    well the joystick cap got lost 4 times, and i only found it three, but this time it got lost in someone elses car or their house or something so its pretty much done. Anyone found any good replacements? Also has anyone fixed their headphone socket? I never used a soldering iron and afraid to...
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    Serious Headphone Problems

    Ok, the gp2x fell from about... maybe four feet. I didn't think anything was wrong. Later on when i try to listen to music, i notice the headphones don't work. I unplug the headphones and replug them in a few times, and notice it is shifting around inside. I put it back in my pocket, and then...
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    For Anyone Who Downloaded My Final Fantasy Skin

    All screens now boast the ability to be able to read all text no matter what screen you are on. Although that should happen with all skins, this one now has that ability. Also I changed the backgrounds for Ebook, Music player, and Games. If you liked any of the old ones better, PM me and i'll...
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    Does anyone know of the gameboy game that is exactly like this one? As soon as I got my gp2x I was wondering what the name of that gameboy game was because that game was great. Except that game wasn't in color, and I think it had something to do with pyramids.
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    My Gp2x Doesnt Take Batteries Anymore

    all of a sudden, whenever i put batteries in my gp2x it doesnt turn on, and i'm using fully charged ones, also new unchargable duracell's don't work. Whenever i attatch an ac adaptor, it works but hangs on the green screen the only way it works is without batteries and without ac adaptor, and...