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    Slubman Firmware

    I've finally decide to release the full source code. Thanks to gp32x for hosting the file. Download: here
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    Adic 2004 Downloads

    AS said on gpnews, you can download entries at: or by eDonkey at: ed2k://|file|ADIC2004.rar|73548050|10b8a43141c72a6ad1adf236c985cd65| N.B: there is just a pack with all programs (70.14MB).
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    Hi I download gcc 3.4.2, i succeed in compile it with Mr.Mirko settings, but, now i've got errors using th gpsdk file, and all sdk i've found have failed to link :( So i just have three question: 1°/ What are the settings (CFLAGS) i should use to build the gcc ? 2°/ What gp32 sdk (should i...
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    Slubman Firmware

    I change my hosting and now download are back :D The link has not change: Slubman DevSoft homepage > GP32 section > Slubman Firmware I hope you will enjoy the firmware :D
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    Slubman Firmware Updtae

    I updated, the downloadable part of the firmware, now you have an FXE representing the complet menu capabilities. I release it in order that yu could find the bugs, and also have some request from users. The topic is here (in beta-testing section) Warning: If you are testing the firmware...
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    Gp Advance Become Open Source

    enf65 GP Advance author decide to make it emulator Open Source so that developpers could help him For those who don't know: GP Advance is a GBA "emulator" for GP32 Coders it's your turn to play B)
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    GP32 [linux]compiling Gcc 3.3.3

    I try to compile my own gcc 3.3.3 and got some errors :( if [ -f stmp-dirs ]; then true; else touch stmp-dirs; fi /home/slubman/Applications/gp32/gcc-3.3.3-arm-elf/gcc/xgcc -B/home/slubman/Applications/gp32/gcc-3.3.3-arm-elf/gcc/ -B~/gp32gcc/arm-elf/bin/ -B~/gp32gcc/arm-elf/lib/ -isystem...
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    Slubman Firmware

    Actually i'm working on a new firmware for GP32, there will be those features: * Launch AXF/GXB/GXF/FXE games * Manage files on the SMC * Link GP<->PC (darkfader pc-link) * Link GP32<->GP32 by Rf-link * Format SMC * Multi-language Graphisms are made by Falken80 :) Informations(s)...
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    Abandonned Games On Gp32

    Here you can found pictures of lots of abandonned game on GP, or also unrelesed games (most of the time blocked by GamePark :()
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    Adic 2003 Results

    You can see the results at :
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    16 bits graphic libraries for gcc on linux

    i just want to know where i can found linux version of 16 bits graphics libraries ???? i try windows ones witthout succes :(
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    GPArt competition

    Theres is a compettion with the last GPArt version, organized by gp32news
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    Where do you live???????

    I live in guadeloupe a little french island in caraibea :)
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    GP32 GP 32 <-> Linux

    I just install Linux on my computer, and i want to know two things 1°/ Is there a software to enable the communication between GP 32 and Linux 2°/ What need i to program my GP 32 with Linux
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    Is this prog read MP3 ? Because somewhere i read it was possible