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  1. elinscheid Visits Portland in September for Retro Gaming Expo

    Purchased my weekend pass, I'm going for sure. I will bring my 1st run Pandora.
  2. elinscheid Visits Portland in September for Retro Gaming Expo

    Cool, I might go. If I do I'll bring my Panda =)
  3. elinscheid

    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Dumb question, after I installed Super Zaxxon Final I noticed that during boot it still shows Release 1.5. Shouldn't that screen read something different?
  4. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    Pawprints: wifi has been my only problem so far. I also show only one bar of signal strength. My main problem is obtaining an IP adress and then staying connected. I have none of those problems in Linux and I've tried two wireless networks. I am going to wait and hope for any wifi issues to...
  5. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    WizardStan: I guess I spoke too soon. I'm not able to stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time. I am going to wait a revision or two and see how things go for other people then I will give it a shot at that point. Thanks!
  6. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    That appears to have done the trick! It did fail to get an IP three times but then finally connected and stayed that way!
  7. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    Mcobit: I didn't realize there was a wifi update. I went to the Repo and installed it. WizardStan: When I ran the command it came back with an error saying there was no such device as wlan0. When I try to connect to wifi in Android it keeps trying to obtain an IP. It did connect for about 30...
  8. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    Anyone else having wifi connection issues with R5? I've tried two different wireless networks and neither will reliably connect or stay connected. Once I boot back into Linux I can connect to either one and stay connected as long as I like. Edit: I'm using the old 256mg ram Pandora and CPU set...
  9. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    Thanks Cazmiester! Deleting the META-INF folder did the trick. So this time I launched CM7 and was prompted to log into my Google account. So I think my over all problem at this point is my WIFI connection is very spotty while I am logged into CM7. My connection to WIFI with Angstrom is...
  10. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    So I can boot into CM7 no problem. I downloaded and installed Amazon App Store. Since I have an Android phone already I used my account to log in. I did a search for Netflix and started the download. Every time I start the download of Netflix it gets to about 18 percent and then stops, times out...
  11. elinscheid

    Android gingerbread in a pnd?

    Thank you Notaz!! I wasn't able to get the Google Play store installed quite yet, both of my SD cards became corrupt or something. I suddenly couldn't read the contents of the two SD cards from my Pandora but my Windows 7 computer still can. I am copying the important data off (PNDs) so I can...
  12. elinscheid

    Google Music?

    Hello, Has anyone had luck getting their Google Music collection to work in a web browser on their Pandora? I tried going to the website using Firefox and it errors out. Maybe I should try a different browser. Or perhaps, like Android and IOS, it would require a client rather than just the...
  13. elinscheid

    Read this for a great surprise

    Merry Christmas
  14. elinscheid

    American Censorship Day

    I just signed! Thank you for posting
  15. elinscheid

    How much do you use your Pandora?

    Lately, for about three hours per day listening to audio books. It is good use of otherwise wasted time. I can't read/game/watch movies in a moving vehicle, I get sick =(
  16. elinscheid

    Super Crate Box

    Is it open source?
  17. elinscheid

    What is a "Personal Computer"?

    Just curious about what you all think. There was a time when a computer was a large machine that took up a whole room. Eventually they were small enough to fit on a desk. In the late 70s/ early 80s we had the first real "Personal Computers". Apple II, Commodore 64, Trash 80s and so forth...
  18. elinscheid

    USB gamepad

    Quick question: Has anyone had luck attaching a USB gamepad to the Pandora, and if so, which games/emulators allow you to use the USB gamepad? Thank you!
  19. elinscheid

    (Solved) hotfix 6 dumb questions...

    HAHA!! I found it! Ok, so the reason I couldn't find the option I wanted was because I was using some clock program called Orange Clock. But then I right clicked on the task bar and found I could add a different clock, the same clock I had been using before. That old clock program had the 12...
  20. elinscheid

    (Solved) hotfix 6 dumb questions...

    I was able to find the option to go to 12 hour format when I was running Hotfix 5. Now the option seems to be gone. Or maybe the window is too big to fit on the screen and the option I am looking for is simply off the screen? It should be so simple to find. Please let me know if someone finds...