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  1. SoleGrave

    gpSP crashes when booting Iridion 2

    I think I read elsewhere that its copyright protection on the rom.  Has anyone got it to work? Thanks.
  2. SoleGrave

    Dvorak keyboard layout?

    I know it sounds ludicrous. But do you think its possible? Has anyone considered it? (cost and time not withstanding) How would the panda feel then? I am sure most of you would say the same?
  3. SoleGrave

    I am getting really pissed off

    But at the A-holes at work telling me to cancel and refund. Its really getting on my nerves for the past year and a half. EDIT: fixed
  4. SoleGrave

    Can I Still Purchase The Wifi Dongle?

    I dont remember correctly or even if this holds truth. (Im not much of a tech head) But I think I read the dongle enables 3G reception. I was wondering if I could swap my order of the Svid/out cable for the dongle.
  5. SoleGrave

    What About Patents?

    After all the strife I wouldnt want to see this project get upstaged by some copy cat bastard. I know its all open source but how much of the Pandora is protected? .
  6. SoleGrave

    So Who's The Woman In Red On The Op Site?

    This most likely has already been answered but I couldnt find anything. I figure she might be a friend or wife of the OPTeam? Just wondering. .
  7. SoleGrave


    I joke that following the development of the Pandora was almost as disorientating as the plot. Pioneering technology, the thrill of discovery, and broken friendships. :P
  8. SoleGrave

    Emulation Benchmarks?

    I know its early and some optimizations are still developing but are there any current specs? I assume some games demand more than others. Mega Drive/Gunstar Heroes or Virtua Racing = ?? fps SNES/Star Fox or Killer Instinct = ?? fps I read that PSX runs fine but I wonder if G-Darius runs at...
  9. SoleGrave

    Deus Ex

    If Quake3 runs at 30 fps. . . . is it possible even remotely for DE?
  10. SoleGrave

    Noob Question About The Operating System. . .

    The faq says the Pandora will ship with its OS pre-installed. If something goes wrong how would one reinstall the OS? Does Pandora ship with a separate media for this purpose? .