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    Hardware mouse don‘t work with nubs and touch screen

    I can sure the nub config have no problem. But the mouse can't move use nub. The touch screen also can't move the mouse. The test input have no response. The right nub also can't click. I already flash the OS. But the mouse still can't work. I didn't use the pandora for two month. Is it have...
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    pandora lcd dark vertical lines

    Hi! The LCD have some dark vertical line. But I found these lines will reduce or increase after some hours for no reasons. I didn't know why. Does anyone know how to fix it? Here is the pictures.
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    pandora add vpn client use pptp

    Hi! The pandora can only add openvpn right now. But I have a vpn use pptp. I didn't know how to configure it in pandora. Did someone use it before? Can help me? It seems I can add a plugin which support pptp. I use opkg and search it. I can't found anything about it.
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    make error, no such file or directory

    I try to build a hard driver of my usb wifi. I get this error, I can't fix it. I know little linux. I didn't know if it possible for me build a usb driver and make my usb wifi work on pandora. The error shows: /lib/modules/3.2.45/build: No such file or directory. Stop.