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    Pyra 4G Deals / Sim Compatibility

    Also, adding sim size might be a good idea as well. To help people shopping for a sim card ^_^ It is micro sim right?
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    Will you consider an upgrade to the graphics chip on the Pyra board?

    As long as the names aren't also the colors I'm fine with that one ^_~
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    Updates in all areas, spiced with case renders

    Can't you get one that does AM and FM? Would be a nice little feature!
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    Case Sneak Peek

    If the clip part was like this (Forgive bad artistry x­D) It would only have to slide into the groove and rotated couterclockwise and then could be held by the bezel. Then you wouldn't have to worry about it coming loose, and there would be no trouble taking it out because of tight clipping.
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    Let's think about a killer game...

    I'd like to see a game similar to Geometry Wars 2. I loved how fun and addicting that game was.
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    Concerns Regarding Pyra Branding

    I like this. It looks like a butterfly. Butterflies are awesome. I wish this was the logo because then we could do something like the Pyra butterfly coming out of the Pandora box.
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    Interesting connectors available from this company...

    Completely off topic here. But whenever I see pics of the PCBs, it feels like I'm looking at pieces of art. On topic. I too am a bit uncomfortable with having the internal storage external x­D I've never had a problem with it, but just in case I wouldn't want there to be a chance of my SD...
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    It's the end of the nubs as we know them

    Little late to the party, great updates btw! Sad to hear about the nub issue. My little bro has quite a few DS's, but I don't know how well they work. He sure seems happy with them though ^_^ I would personally like to use a nub with click, just because I've become used to using the click as...
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    Some GamesCom Retro-Area pictures

    True, we might also have to hold off on Gamecube emulation until we have a SoC chip that can support OpenGL 3.0 or whatever, which I believe the Omap5 doesn't have?
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    Some GamesCom Retro-Area pictures

    <_< >_> so i just woke up and this might sound crazy but how about some gamecube maybe?
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    Analog Stick Manufacturer

    Any idea which of the modules are going to be used? N40P107 or N50P105 I think the only differences between the two are: N50P105 - Travel (XY operation) ±2.0mm (±10%) - Directional operating force (XY direction) 0.70N (±0.15N) - 18.5x18.6x2.45 N40P107 - Travel (XY operation) ±1.00mm (±10%) -...
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    A bunch of pictures

    True but they also might not. And in any case, it would be nice to have a cooling situation that could be easily adapted with minimal redesign just in case don't you think? ^_­^ Or how else am I supposed to play WindWaker on the go without my hands melting off :­D
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    A bunch of pictures

    Those fans are absolutely adorable :­3 Question: When you think about possible heat issues and cooling solutions, are you taking into account the fact that 2 years down the road or what have you, we may have a different SoC available for the Pyra, such as that Mediatek(i believe) octacore...
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    Perfect camera for Pyra/Pandora?

    The Pelican is one of the most promising new camera techs for phones, and I hear a lot of people are looking forward to using it. It's supposed to be released in first half of 2015 and I'm sure there was talk of a purchasable module. No reason they shouldn't do that since they could gain quite a...
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    Perfect camera for Pyra/Pandora?

    I wonder if anyone plans on modding in a Pelican Imaging Lightfield Array module into their Pyra :­3
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    A bunch of pictures

    I would kind of like to know how this will happen also. Isn't the CPU going to be sandwiched between the 2 PCBs? Or is it on the other side?
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    Main PCB V3 is finished!

    Well, when my friend told me he couldn't run it on his computer because it eats a ton of ram I wanted to see. So I downloaded one of those feed the beast modpacks, with sphax highest texture pack, and it tried to steal all my RAM o­_o And I have 16GB of RAM. EDIT: Yeah, I forgot to mention I...
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    Main PCB V3 is finished!

    With more mods, such as high res texture packs, doesn't Minecraft consume a lot of RAM also? Sorry, not meaning to turn this into a Minecraft thread.
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    Main PCB V3 is finished!

    Is there a difference between the optimization of the desktop version and whatever runs on the mobile platforms? Can you use mods on the mobile version? I guess I should have figured this since there's huge difference between Xbox and PC Minecraft.
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    Main PCB V3 is finished!

    I dunno, I thought Minecraft had some horrible optimization? I don't play it often though so I wouldn't know. I've heard some of those modpacks out there can be quite intensive.