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    Evil Trojan! Need Help!

    Hi folks, Wondering if anyone can give me a hand dealing with a Trojan my missus had managed to install. Below is the text of an email I sent to a friend about this - unfortunately he's as stumped as I am. Essentially, it blocks executables (so no AV software will run), re-writes itself to the...
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    Unsung Hero - GPColem

    Thanks to my young daughter waking me up an a stupid hour this morning, I've had a few bonus hours to play my GP32. I haven't had the chance to pick it up in a few weeks and... I have to say that for anyone who hasn't tried CPColem yet, you're missing out. It's simply fantastic. I never had...
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    New version of Handy-Lynx released

    Get it here. Author comments: 2003-09-13 I've taken the sources from the port and have modified them a bit. It's still far from okay, but Chip Challenge runs 40% faster :-) And I say thanks for the release.
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    N-Gage - First Review

    N-Gage Review One member of the public states that using it as a phone "makes you look like a twat" while there are reports of eye-strain and headaches while playing games. I sh*t you not.
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    Why did you buy your GP32?

    Following on from a few other recent posts pointing out the occassional bursts of ill-will in the GP32 community, I thought I'd ask (and apologies if it's been asked before)... Why did you buy a GP32? ...We have plenty of asks, and some demands, as to what people want to see on this great...